California Future Forests 2005

California Forest Futures 2005 is a two-day conference that will examine the forces dramatically re-shaping our forest landscapes and explore the strategies and actions necessary to secure an economic and ecologically rewarding future.

Join elected officials, policy makers, forest owners, foresters, land use planners, natural resource managers, environmentalist, conservationists, scientists, media and other concerned citizens as we come together to consider the critical choices facing the future of California's vital forestlands.

Honorary Chair: Mike Chrisman, California Secretary for Resources
Invited: Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger Senator Dianne Feinstein

Conference topics include:

+ Examining forest loss from increased competition to high costs to booming
real estate values

+ Assessing the impacts of forest loss and development on biodiversity,
water quality, fire threats, timber production and quality of life

+ Making California's forest industry more competitive in a global market while
simultaneously protecting forests

+ Adapting "smart growth" principles to lessen the impact of rural development

+ Developing new, ecological-based revenue streams from carbon sequestration,
water flows and habitat

+ Expanding the use of working conservation easements to preserve the private
forest infrastructure

+ Implementing financial, regulatory and other incentives to promote conservation

+ Promoting new strategies to engage more Californians with our forests

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