4th Annual Cap-and-Trade Forum

The 4th Annual CAP-AND-TRADE FORUM covers Canadian and U.S. policy, regulatory issues, and practical emissions reduction solutions with international emissions markets and CO2 mitigation experts at the forefront of the efforts sharing their experiences and observations.

The program is designed to provide insights into the most recent Canadian, U.S and international carbon policy and market developments. It includes carbon offset trading and related policy development affecting regulated emitters, individuals and potential offset sectors.

The conference will be of interest to anyone involved or with a financial interest in carbon trading and environmental issues and markets at a national or international level, particularly for executives and managers responsible for and involved in, GHG mitigation, trading and optimization strategy and financing infrastructure projects.

It will have particular Canada-U.S. cross border focus in light of the U.S. legislated and litigation developments.

The speakers at this Insight Information conference have all played a leading role on these issues, and are well positioned to offer valuable insight into each of them. The attendees will have opportunities to pose questions and engage in informal discussions during the event.

Issues surrounding Cap and Trade continue to evolve and, accordingly we will continue to add new speakers and sessions right up until the conference. Details of these will be included here.

The 4th Annual Cap-and-Trade Forum will present the opportunity to learn about:

  • Carbon developments: the new trade and economic considerations (North America and Internationally)
  • U.S. House and Senate action
  • U.S. litigation
  • Status of the Canadian federal climate change policy
  • North American regional update: RGGI, WCI, and the Midwest Governor’s Accord
  • Energy and industrial markets and carbon considerations
  • Using offsets to mitigate risk
  • “Managing” risk through not-so-obvious partnerships
  • Essential building blocks of a successful carbon management strategy
  • Integrity: carbon credibility and verification
  • The cost of climate change and integrating carbon into financial disclosure – how much, how little and why
  • Protocol development and the Carbon Offset solutions
  • Market mechanisms – still credible way of going forward?