Ecosystem Marketplace Coverage Of The 2014 National Mitigation & Ecosystem Banking Conference

Ecosystem Marketplace will be on hand at this year’s National Mitigation & Ecosystem Banking Conference to take place in Denver providing analysis and summaries of daily sessions as well as Q&As with key actors from the mitigation industry. 


8 May 2014 | DENVER | The annual National Mitigation & Ecosystem Banking Conference kicked off here on Tuesday, with roughly 400 participants from across the mitigation banking spectrum. It has grown to over 400 attendees. A back-of-the-envelope calculation showed that just over half of the participants are mitigation bankers, while regulators comprise about 25%. Of these, the majority are from the federal government. Agriculture and finance were among the smallest contingents (see “Who’s Here?”, below).

Voices From Denver: Mitigation Bankers Discuss New Measures And Role Of NGOs
Summarizes Thursday’s event and includes interviews with NMBA president Wayne White and Partnerships Committee co-chair Adam Davis to talk about NMBA work and priorities this year.

USFWS Contemplating Move Beyond CCAs To State-Administered Crediting Systems For Non-Listed Species
A breakout string focusing on emerging policies for the year ahead.

Data, Transparency, And The Role Of Non-Profits: Wednesday At NMEBC
A detailed wrap of Wednesday’s discussions, including a summary of the morning meeting of the NMBA and afternoon sessions examining the challenge of finding water for wetlands in the aird American West, the role of non-profits in mitigation banking, and a preview of the policy horizon for 2014.

After Turbulent Year, Mitigation Bankers Meet In Denver
A summary of the key issues from the past year and how they may play out in Denver.

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More than half of all attendees are practitioners.

Wednesday’s tally of NMEBC attendees very diverse…

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