Announcing FSC and Ecosystem Marketplace collaboration

Patrick Maguire

We are happy to announce a three-year collaboration agreement with Forest Stewardship Council to develop shared insights regarding carbon markets and non-carbon benefits.

Ecosystem Marketplace has recently signed a three-year agreement with Forest Stewardship Council (FSCGD GmbH) to collaborate and develop shared insights regarding carbon markets and non-carbon benefits as they pertain to FSC certified forests.  For more than 25 years FSC has pioneered forest certification and promoted responsible management of the world’s forests. Through this collaboration FSC seeks to connect FSC-certified forest managers with new markets, help project managers market FSC benefits and enable carbon markets to drive value to FSC certified forests.  Ecosystem Marketplace has tracked global carbon market transactions and associated benefits “beyond carbon” for more than 16 years.  Transaction attributes that EM tracks include co-benefit standards such as Climate, Community and Biodiversity (CCB) and project assessments of Sustainable Development Goals.

The shared workplan includes publishing a brief discussion paper focusing on non-carbon benefits of forest carbon projects and the overlap with FSC certified forests.  Research will pull from carbon markets data that EM collects, FSC certified projects, public data sets such as international carbon standard registries, and structured interviews with forestry project managers. The work will begin by cross mapping FSC certified forests with carbon market data that EM has compiled for forestry projects, specifically Improved Forestry Management projects, in order to identify the subset of forestry projects on which the analysis will focus.

The first discussion paper will be published pre-COP27 in Egypt in November and accompanied by a webinar presentation.  EM and FSC also hope to collaborate on side events focused on land use and the voluntary carbon market at the Forestry Pavilion at COP27.

If interested, or to learn more  about this collaboration, contact [email protected] or [email protected]

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