Training Course for Mitigation Banking and In-lieu Fee Program Interagency Review Teams

This comprehensive week-long training for federal and state regulators who serve on mitigation bank and in-lieu fee program Interagency Review Teams (IRTs) will:

  • Provide IRT’s with a thorough grounding in the relevant federal policy guiding the review, establishment, and management of mitigation banks and in-lieu fee programs.
  • Build IRT expertise at both the individual and team level. These skills will be developed through a combination of both presentations and exercises that rely upon existing federal policies, case studies of existing interagency review efforts, and hearing from experienced members of interagency review teams. IRT’s will leave with solid expertise on how to effectively and efficiently review and oversee the establishment and operation of mitigation banks and in-lieu fee programs.
  • Develop the leadership skills necessary to be an effective member of an IRT.

In sum, this course will marry the technical knowledge upon which environmentally sound decisions are made with the leadership skills necessary for achieving effective decision-making.

Target Audience:

This training course will accommodate up to 40 participants. 14 slots will be reserved for Corps representatives, 7 for EPA, 7 for US FWS, 5 for NOAA representatives, and 7 for representatives from various state agencies. If interested in attending, please contact the point person from your agency. Note: your request will be considered alongside others from your agency, around the country. Applicants will be notified of their acceptance in April of 2011.

Course Tuition:


Contact Information:

For more information, contact:
Margarita Carey
The Conservation Fund
Phone: (304) 876-7924
[email protected]