Mobilizing LULUCF in the Post-Kyoto Framework

DATE: Friday 30 November
TIME: 8:15 – 9:45PM
LOCATION: QNCC Side Event Room 8  

COP 17 in Durban brought important changes to LULUCF carbon accounting rules. Can the Durban agreement adequately mobilize LULUCF in the Post-Kyoto Framework, in particular through greater efforts at climate change mitigation and the efficient and balanced use of forest-based resources?  

Aulikki Kauppila and Giacomo Grassi, DG Climate Action and Joint Research Council (JRC), European Commission, LULUCF in the EU Climate Policy Framework  

Hans Nilsagard, Swedish Government Representative, Swedish Negotiating Team (Swedish Advisor to the Swedish Ministry for Rural Affairs), LULUCF and the Climate Policy Framework

Derik Broekhoff, Climate Action Reserve, The California Forest Project Protocol (CA_FPP)

Louis Verchot, CIFOR, Wetlands and LULUCF Carbon Accounting

Sebataolo Rahlao, Energy Research Center, University of Cape Town, On the AFOLU/LULUCF and REDD frameworks in S. Africa  

David Ellison, Mattias Lundblad and Hans Petersson, IWE and SLU, The Incentive Gap after Durban

David Ellison [email protected]   +36 30 929 5246

This side event has been partially sponsored by the Future Forest program: