Making Sustainable Forests a Reality: Exploring the Power of Investors and Companies to Help Save the World’s Forests and Fight Climate Change

5 DEC 2012 – 6:30PM – 8:00PM

An event hosted by the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) & the Global Canopy Programme (GCP) with the World Bank
In order to tackle climate change, countries must reduce emissions from deforestation and forest degradation, which account for up to 15% of global greenhouse gas emissions – about as much as the entire global transport sector.
So what are investors doing to help reduce and reverse the current rate of forest destruction worldwide? What risks and opportunities do deforestation and climate change pose to the private sector? How can governments and investors help incentivise the large-scale corporate action that is urgently needed? Could ambitious moves towards accounting for natural capital hold the key? And how does corporate disclosure contribute to these efforts?
This interactive side event brings together a panel of experts from the realms of science, business, finance, policy, and corporate forest footprint disclosure, to debate these questions.
Paul Simpson, CEO, Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)
Ivonne A Baki, Secretary of State, Ecuador
Gregory Andrews, Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency, Australian Government
Peter Carter, Chief Environmentalist, European Investment Bank
Peter Dewees, Forests Adviser, World Bank
Arunavo Mukerjee, Vice President, Tata Quality Management Services
Iain Henderson, UNEP Finance Initiative
Andrew Mitchell, Executive Director, Global Canopy Programme (GCP) & Chairman, Forest Footprint Disclosure Project (FFD)
Submit a question or solution
The organisers welcome questions and solutions for the panel to debate. These can be submitted on special postcards at COP 18 (available at the REDD Desk Booth), via email to [email protected], or by the audience at the event.
If you are interested in attending this event, please RSVP to [email protected]
Please note, room numbers may change. For the latest updates on side-events, please see the UNFCCC side events webpage.

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