Global Symposium on REDD+ in a Green Economy

Activities related to reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD+) in developing countries can contribute significantly to rural development and to broader development objectives, and there is increasing demand for integrating REDD+ within green economy and green growth efforts. However, there is only nascent understanding and knowledge, both within international organizations and other REDD+ actors, and in developing countries, of how to establish mutually reinforcing links between ongoing REDD+ activities and a green economy transition.
Over the past three years, the UN-REDD Programme has developed a body of work on ‘Ensuring that REDD+ and a Green Economy transformation are mutually reinforcing’, based on pilot activities in a number of partner countries. The Global Symposium aims to take stock of the lessons learned, with a view to provide key decision makers with a stronger rationale for linking REDD+ planning and REDD+ investments with green economy efforts. The Symposium will focus on the role of comprehensive land-use planning for capturing environmental, economic and social benefits from REDD+ investments.
The Symposium will serve three main objectives:
  • To generate further political momentum for REDD+ by showcasing how it can catalyze green economy/green growth efforts
  • To build a stronger ‘business case’ for increased investments into REDD+ readiness and implementation by illustrating how it can yield multiple returns on investment
  • To build capacity for achieving  synergies between REDD+ and a green economy transition
The Symposium will be held on the 19-21 June in Indonesia (Venue to be announced soon). Symposium participants will be invited to share knowledge and experience on linking REDD+ with green economy/green growth efforts in UN-REDD partner countries. Results of the Symposium will form the basis of a global report on ‘REDD+ in a Green Economy’, to be prepared by the UNEP International Resource Panel.

Read more about the event here.