Forestry Carbon Markets & REDD

The Forestry Carbon Markets & REDD Conference will bring together leading industry figures and players to debate the future of emissions reductions from avoided deforestation and degradation projects. It will be a two day interactive event, co-located with the Carbon Markets USA Conference, examining the current status of forestry carbon markets and how compliance forestry REDD markets could work. Land use changes account for approximately 20% of global GHG emissions (Purvis and Myers), notably a greater share than the global transport or industrial sectors. It is evident that deforestation is at the heart of the climate crisis yet investment into forestry projects makes up less than 1% of the booming world-wide carbon market (Purvis and Myers). It is time to scale up forest carbon markets and enable the realization of their potential.

Key Speakers Include:
Eric Bettelheim, Founder & Former Executive Chairman,Sustainable Forestry Management
Jeff Horowitz,Founder,Avoided Deforestation Partnership
Steven Brink, Executive Director, The California Forestry Association
Jeff Calvert, Managing Director, Borealis Offsets
David Antonioli, Chief Executive Officer, Voluntary Carbon Standard
Dr Lloyd Irland, Lecturer & Senior Research Scientist, Yale Environment School
Benoit Bosquet, Team Leader, Forest Carbon Partnership Facility, World Bank
Richard Lammel, Director General, German Forestry Administration
Radha Kuppalli, Director, New Forests
Steven Schleimer, Director of Energy & Environmental Regulation, Barclays Capital
Jeff Howe, Chairman, Dove tail Partners