Corporate Ecosystem Services Review Training Event

This training will provide consultants intimate knowledge of WRI's Corporate Ecosystem Services Review. It is a structured methodology that helps managers develop strategies to manage their risks and opportunities arising from their company's dependence and impacts on ecosystems.

Participants may attend the training in person or participate in the training through video conferencing.


The training will include:
• Deep examination of the ESR methodology
• Examples of ESR applications in different:
o Sectors (agriculture, forestry, mining, manufacturing, etc.)
o Countries (U.S. Germany, South Africa, China, India, Hungary, among others)
o Parts of the value chain (suppliers and customers)
• Integrating the ESR with aspects of environmental management systems and tools such as:
o Environmental impact assessments
o New product development
o Life cycle assessment
o Corporate sustainability benchmarking
o Certification standards/best practices
• The ESR and ecosystem services valuation
• Panel discussion with WRI experts on ecosystem service markets including REDD and water quality
• Other items

Event fees are on a sliding scale:
No. Employees Price**
1,000+ $1,500.00
50-1000 $750.00
<50 $350.00 Information & Registration For more information and to register, please visit or contact Suzanne Ozment, [email protected], +1 202-729-7835.

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