CDM Africa

Africa accounts for just under two percent of the 2,060-plus registered Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects in 63 countries worldwide. However, the continent has seen a strong growth trend in the past few years. There are now 122 CDM projects in Africa that are either registered or in the pipeline for validation or registration, up from just 42 in 2007.

Despite the clear potential for CDM project development in Africa, to date the conversion from projects registered to CERs has been limited.

Clean Development Mechanism Africa will consider the current legislative environment in the run up to 2012 and the complex dynamic required to achieve successful CDM project results. The event will provide the opportunity to define and explore the key challenges, opportunities and processes associated with CDM, by examining project case studies, best practice and innovative examples

Discover the latest innovations in CDM project delivery, program design, policy guidelines, emission baselines, environmental impact assessment, project registration, validation and verification. Ensure that you are prepared for the challenges that will be presented post 2012.