CarboForest Conference

Sustainable forest management has a vital and widely-established part in climate change mitigation. Quantifying the carbon stored in forest ecosystems, as well as the rates and direction of carbon fluxes emitted from and absorbed by forests, has become very important to improve understanding of their influence on the global carbon cycle. In many countries national programmes to protect and maintain forests have been initiated with the aim of reducing net carbon emissions and to stabilise or increase terrestrial carbon stocks in the long-term.

The CarboForest conference intends to provide a multi-disciplinary forum to discuss recent innovations and challenges related to all aspects of carbon storage and management in forest ecosystems. This meeting will bring together scientists, politicians and environmentalists from different disciplines to confer and communicate their most recent findings relevant to the global carbon cycle, with an emphasis on the role of forest ecosystems and will promote the cross-fertilization of the latest ideas and concepts in research, policy and practice. The main aims of the conference are to present actual achievements, focus the direction for further development in the area of carbon storage studies and stimulate the exchange of expertise. Critical discussion will cover the ecological, political, economical as well as technical aspects of carbon management, monitoring, reporting and verification of forest carbon stocks and their changes over time. Moreover, we offer the international community an open and creative forum for exchanging results and ideas on carbon capture and storage (CCS) in forest ecosystems.

The Conference will mainly focus on:

  • climate changes,
  • plant physiology,
  • soils,
  • carbon fluxes,
  • forest management,
  • inventory, modeling and reporting,
  • geomatics with special emphasis to remote sensing.

We feel honoured to invite everyone interested in carbon management in forest ecosystems to participate in the CarboForest conference, which is to be held  from 21 to 23 September 2011  in Poland. The programme will consist of invited lectures, short presentations and poster contributions, and contributions in either of these formats are welcome.

We are looking forward to meeting you in the Forest Research Institute in Sękocin Stary (Poland) for a stimulating discussion during the CarboForest conference!