2020 EM Carbon Survey Respondents

Thank you to all of the respondents to the 2020 EM Carbon Survey!

We sincerely thank EM Carbon Survey respondents for taking the time to share data and insights. We also are very grateful for our growing group of strategic supporters, interviewees, and report reviewers, that together tremendously strengthen our efforts to ensure delivery of timely and robust analysis of carbon pricing. If you’d like to collaborate with us on this effort, please contact EM’s Director, Stephen Donofrio ([email protected]).

Who are the Survey Respondents?

Every year, since 2006, Forest Trends’ Ecosystem Marketplace has distributed the EM Carbon Survey to our network of project developers, investors, retailers, and brokers to collect information about transactions during the previous year— along with detailed information about the sold offsets, including project type, location, and standard. These transactions can be grouped into primary market transactions (comprised of offsets sales from project developers to intermediaries or directly to end buyers) and secondary market transactions (comprised of offset sales among intermediaries or from intermediaries to end buyers). To avoid double-counting volumes reported by offset suppliers and brokers (who do not take offset ownership), we asked respondents to specify the volume of offsets transacted through a broker or exchange. When we identify an overlap (for example, a project developer reported transacting offsets to a broker, and the same broker responded with transaction information), the transaction was counted only once.

How does EM protect the confidentiality of survey responses?

EM publications present only aggregated survey data. All supplier-specific information is treated as confidential. Any supplier-specific transaction data mentioned in the text is already public information or approved by the supplier. Additionally, we do not identify prices or volumes from any country, project type, standard, or vintage for which we have data points provided by fewer than three organizations. We do not share supplier information with third parties without prior permission from the survey respondent.

Respondent Website Location Role
Credible Carbon (Pty) Ltd www.crediblecarbon.com South Africa Broker
Eco2librium www.eco2librium.net Kenya Project Developer
Environmental Conservation Trust of Uganda (ECOTRUST) www.ecotrust.or.ug Uganda Project Developer, Retailer
EthioTrees vzw http://ethiotrees.com/ Ethiopia Project Developer
Gola Rainforest Conservation LG www.golarainforest.org Sierra Leone Project Developer
NEDBank www.nedbank.co.za South Africa Broker
United Purpose http://united-purpose.org/ Malawi Project Developer
Respondent Website Location Role
Beijing Qianyuhui International Environmental Investment Co., Ltd. www.qyh-investment.com China Project Developer, Retailer, Investor
BioCarbon Group Pte Limited www.biocarbongroup.com Singapore Retailer, Investor
Carbon Consulting Company https://www.carbonconsultingcompany.com/ Sri Lanka Project Developer, Retailer, Investor
Infinite Solutions http://infisolutions.org/ India Project Developer, Retailer
KHEPL khepl.com India Project Developer, Retailer
KKI WARSI warsi.or.id Indonesia Project Developer,  Broker
Nexus for Development https://nexusfordevelopment.org/ Cambodia Project Developer,  Broker, Investor
Worldview International Foundation www.worldview.foundation Myanmar Project Developer, Retailer, Investor
xpand Foundation www.withoneseed.org.au East Timor Project Developer
Yayasan Pelestari Ragam Hayati dan Cipta Fondasi Indonesia (Yayasan PRCF Indonesia) www.prcfindonesia.org Indonesia Project Developer
Respondent Website Location Role
Bischoff & Ditze Energy GmbH & Co.KG www.bd-energy.com Germany Broker
BOCS Foundation https://qfpc.bocs.cf/ Hungary Project Developer, Retailer
Carbon Tanzania www.carbontanzania.com United Kingdom Project Developer, Retailer, Investor
Carbonsink Group S.r.l. www.carbonsink.it/en Italy Project Developer, Retailer
ClimateCare Oxford Limited www.climatecare.org United Kingdom Project Developer, Retailer, Broker, Investor
ClimateSeed www.climateseed.com France Broker, Investor
CO2balance UK Ltd www.co2balance.com United Kingdom Project Developer, Retailer
CO2Logic www.co2logic.com Belgium Project Developer, Retailer
DelAgua delagua.org United Kingdom Project Developer
Ecosphere+ Ltd (part of Althelia Climate Fund) www.ecosphere.plus United Kingdom Retailer, Investor
Face the Future www.facethefuture.com Netherlands Project Developer
Fair Recycling Foundation www.fair-recycling.com Switzerland Retailer
FairClimateFund www.fairclimatefund.nl Netherlands Project Developer,  Retailer, Broker, Investor
First Climate Markets AG www.firstclimate.com Germany Project Developer,  Retailer
Forest Carbon Limited www.forestcarbon.co.uk United Kingdom Project Developer, Retailer, Broker, Investor
ForestFinest Consulting GmbH co2ol.de Germany Project Developer,  Retailer
form international https://www.forminternational.nl/ Netherlands Project Developer, Broker, Investor
GoodPlanet Foundation www.goodplanet.org France Project Developer, Investor
Hivos www.hivoscarboncredits.org Netherlands Project Developer,  Retailer
Lavola 1981, SAU https://www.lavola.com/en/ Spain Retailer
Life Climate and Energy Limited (Life Enerji) www.lifeenerji.com Turkey Project Developer, Broker
Livelihoods Fund www.livelihoods.eu Luxembourg Project Developer, Investor
Microsol http://www.microsol-int.com/microsol France Project Developer
Myclimate www.myclimate.org Switzerland Project Developer,  Retailer
Natural Capital Partners https://www.naturalcapitalpartners.com/ United Kingdom Project Developer,  Retailer
Nordic Offset Oy www.nordicoffset.com Finland Project Developer,  Retailer, Broker
SFI BV (Sustainable Forestry Investments) www.sfi.com Netherlands Project Developer
The Association for Coastal Ecosystem Services (ACES) www.aces-org.co.uk United Kingdom Project Developer
University for Life Sciences https://boku.ac.at/wissenschaftliche-initiativen/zentrum-fuer-globalen-wandel-nachhaltigkeit/themen/nachhaltigkeit/boku-co2-kompensationssystem Austria Project Developer, Retailer
Vertis Environmental Finance Ltd. www.vertis.com Hungary Broker
Vi-skogen/Vi Agroforestry https://viagroforestry.org/projects/kacp/ / https://viskogen.se/klimatkompensation/ Sweden Project Developer,  Retailer
World Land Trust worldlandtrust.org United Kingdom Project Developer, Broker
ZeroMission AB www.zeromission.se Sweden  Retailer
Latin America & Caribbean
Respondent Website Location Role
Agrocortex Madeiras do Acre Agroflorestal Ltda. www.agrocortex.com Brazil Project Developer
Biofílica Investimentos Ambientais S.A. https://www.biofilica.com.br/en/ Brazil Project Developer, Investor
BIOFIX CONSULTORIA www.biofix.co Colombia Project Developer, Broker
Bosque Sustentable, A.C. https://planetacarbononeutral.org/ Mexico Project Developer
CARBONEXT www.carbonext.com.br Brazil Project Developer, Broker
CO2CERO SAS https://co2cero.co/ Colombia Project Developer,  Retailer, Investor
Colbún www.colbun.cl Chile Project Developer
Ecopart Assessoria em Negocios Empresariais Ltda. www.eqao.com.br Brazil  Retailer, Broker
Fondo Acción www.fondoaccion.org Colombia Broker
Greenoxx www.greenoxx.com Uruguay Project Developer
Instituo de Conservação e Desenvolvimento Sustentável da Amazônia – IDESAM https://idesam.org/ Brazil Project Developer
MÉXICO2 – Plataforma Mexicana de Carbono www.mexico2.com.mx Mexico Broker
Pacific Hydro Chile S.A. www.pacifichydro.cl Chile Project Developer
Pronatura México http://www.pronatura.org.mx/ Mexico Project Developer, Broker
Secretaría del Medio Ambiente del Gobierno de la Ciudad de México http://www.data.sedema.cdmx.gob.mx/cambioclimaticocdmx/ Mexico Project Developer
Sustainable Carbon – Projetos Ambientais Ltda www.sustainablecarbon.com Brazil Project Developer
WayCarbon www.waycarbon.com Brazil  Retailer
North America
Respondent Website Location Role
Arbor Day Foundation arborday.org United States  Retailer, Investor
Bluesource www.blueosurce.com United States Project Developer,  Retailer, Investor
Bonneville Environmental Foundation www.b-e-f.org United States  Retailer
Carbon Offsets To Alleviate Poverty (COTAP) cotap.org United States  Retailer
Carbone boréal http://carboneboreal.uqac.ca/accueil/ Canada Project Developer
Carbonfund.org Foundation www.carbonfund.org United States Project Developer,  Retailer
Clean Air Action Corp tist.org United States Project Developer
ClearSky Climate Solutions www.clearskyclimatesolutions.com United States Project Developer,  Retailer
ClimeCo Corporation www.climeco.com United States Project Developer,  Retailer, Investor
Code REDD/ STF standfortrees.org United States Broker
Conservation International conservation.org United States Project Developer,  Retailer
Cool Effect www.cooleffect.org United States Broker
C-Quest Capital LLC www.cquestcapital.com United States Project Developer, Broker
Ducks Unlimited, Inc. www.ducks.org United States Project Developer
Ecological Carbon Offset Partners epcarbon.com United States Project Developer
ECOTIERRA Inc. https://www.ecotierra.co/ Canada Project Developer
Element Markets https://elementmarkets.com/ United States Project Developer,  Retailer
Environmental Attribute Advisors www.enviadvi.com United States Broker
Everland LLC https://www.everlandmarketing.com/ United States Broker
Forterra Forterra.org/ECC United States Project Developer, Broker
Inlandsis Fund inlandsisfund.com Canada Retailer, Investor
King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks https://kingcounty.gov/forestcarbon United States Project Developer,  Retailer
Molpus Woodlands Group, LLC www.molpus.com United States Project Developer
NativeEnergy, a Public Benefit Corporation www.nativeenergy.com United States Project Developer,  Retailer
NatureBank Asset Management www.naturebank.com Canada Project Developer,  Retailer, Broker
Proyecto Mirador http://proyectomirador.org/ United States Project Developer
Schneider Electric www.se.com United States Retailer, Broker
Second Nature Secondnature.org United States Project Developer, Broker
Taking Root www.takingroot.org Canada Project Developer
The Climate Trust climatetrust.org United States Project Developer,  Retailer
The Nature Conservancy https://www.nature.org/en-us/ United States Project Developer, Investor
Urban Offsets, Inc. urbanoffsets.co United States Project Developer, Broker, Investor
US Forest Capital www.usforestcapital.com United States Project Developer
Wildlife Conservation Society www.wcs.org United States Project Developer
Will Solutions www.solutionswill.com Canada Project Developer,  Retailer
Respondent Website Location Role
Carbon Forest Services https://www.carbonforestservices.co.nz/ New Zealand  Retailer
Carbon Neutral Pty Ltd https://carbonneutral.com.au/ Australia Project Developer,  Retailer
Cassinia Environmental cassinia.com Australia Project Developer
CO2 Australia https://www.co2australia.com.au/ Australia Project Developer,  Retailer, Broker
Ekos Kamahi www.ekos.co.nz New Zealand Project Developer,  Retailer, Broker
Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited, trading as Toitū Envirocare www.toitu.co.nz New Zealand  Retailer
Nakau Programme www.nakau.org Australia Project Developer, Broker
Permanent Forests NZ Limited https://www.carbonforestservices.co.nz/ New Zealand Project Developer, Broker
Sigma Global www.sigmaglobal.com.au Australia Project Developer,  Retailer, Broker
Tasmanian Land Conservancy www.tasland.org.au Australia Project Developer