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EM will be releasing in February/March new solutions to enable more timely information on voluntary carbon markets including offsets credit pricing on core carbon and additional attributes, transactions, deliveries, and dynamics of supply, demand, and regulations. These developments will improve the ease of reporting and data connectivity for a growing global network of stakeholders including EM Carbon Survey Respondents (e.g. project developers, investors, retailers, brokers, trading platforms), corporations with net-zero and carbon neutrality goals, governments, civil society, consultants, and academics.

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About Ecosystem Marketplace & Forest Trends

As an initiative of non-profit Forest Trends, our work would not be possible without generous financial and in-kind support. We are seeking sponsors for our work, including tracking environmental markets, reporting on news, and future editions of this newsletter. Click here to contact us about sponsorship and advertising.

Ecosystem Marketplace was initially created to improve transparency and price discovery in the voluntary space, as there is no centralized system for transacting voluntary carbon credits. Since 2006, our team has annually distributed surveys to our network of project developers, investors, retailers, and brokers to collect confidential information about their voluntary carbon offset market transactions. The resulting reports, provided free of charge, provide all market participants – from small project developers to large corporate buyers to policymakers – a comprehensive view of market conditions.

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