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As the global climate changes, the Yelburga farming community of India’s Karnataka state will likely struggle to produce crops like peanuts and onions.

In drought years, they lose up to 90% of their crop, and those years are expected to increase as the climate changes, according to Linus Adler, co-founder of the Higher Ground Foundation (HGF), a London-based non-governmental organization (NGO) that is working with the Indian NGO Samuha to help the people of Yelburga enhance their soil, change their crops, and better understand weather patterns.

HGF estimates implementing these practice for a selected pilot village will cost a little over half a million dollars, but could yield over $1 million in avoiding the impacts of climate change, generating a generous supply of “Vulnerability Reduction Credits” (VRCs), a funding mechanism developed by HGR.

This month, EM talks to HGF about how developing adaptation metrics can help mobilize smarter climate finance - an intriguing proposition for funding resilient landscapes. Read it here.

Climate vulnerability and resilience is a hot topic in the news this month. We also have coverage of IUCN's accreditation by the Green Climate Fund for its conservation work, a development that could channel significant finance toward nature-based adaptation.

Meanwhile, Circle of Blue looks at how changing hydrological patterns are stranding assets around the world in the energy and mining sectors. New initiatives in Florida and Indonesia, spotlighted below, are demonstrating innovative natural infrastructure approaches to managing sea-level rise and storms.

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EM Headlines

Green Climate Fund Accreditation Sends Positive Signals For Nature Based Solutions

The Green Climate Fund gave nature-based solutions a potential boost when it listed IUCN, a big celebrator of leveraging nature to mitigate and adapt to climate change, as a partner organization with authority to implement climate projects. As IUCN places an emphasis on adapting to climate impacts, the announcement has implications for utilizing these natural solutions for adaptation purposes.

- Keep reading here.

Mobilizing A Market For Climate Change Vulnerability

It’s clear that Earth will require adaptation to cope with a changing climate, but determining just where limited resources will flow is likely to be a sticky task, especially when considering the adaptation space lacks a common evaluating metric. That could change as a London-based NGO progresses on its idea for a market based on maximizing the benefits of adaptation activities.

- Ecosystem Marketplace has coverage.


Here's the Deal

Triple Whammy! New Water Fund Uses Impact Capital to Rewater the MDB, Support Ag

A new water fund concept backed by The Nature Conservancy and the Murray Darling Wetlands Working Group leverages impact investing to purchase - and then retire - water rights in Australia's Murray Darling Basin to replenish the beleaguered river system. The Australian Balanced Water Fund generates revenue for investors through managing a portfolio of water rights, while using a portion of water rights and revenues to restore wetlands. During dry years, the Fund will also lease water to farmers, a clever move given recent clashes between environmentalists and agriculture over the Basin's scarce water supplies.

- Read it at NatGeo's Water Currents Blog.

Water Risk Leaves Energy, Mining Projects High and Dry

A new piece from Circle of Blue looks at a range of recent causes of market turmoil - from cancellations of new coal-fired power plants in Asia, to dismal grain harvests in Africa, to mine closures nearly everywhere - and finds a signal behind the noise: water risk, linked to a changing climate. While most analysts are focused on stranded assets, the real financial risks may be much broader.

- Keep reading at Circle of Blue.

Corporate Water Risk: How Serious is the Private Sector, Actually?

With research streaming in about groundwater depletion and water pollution, environmentalists stress urgency to businesses, pressing them to strive to manage their water use at a watershed level and set genuinely ambitious targets.

- The Guardian has the story.

Crowdsourcing for Source Protection

The Nature Conservancy's looking to raise $10M from companies, foundations, and individuals for the Minnesota Headwaters Fund. The Fund aims to protect natural areas in the headwaters of the Mississippi River, the source of drinking water for more than 1M Minnesotans. TNC recently kicked off a public awareness campaign to spread the word about the initiative.

- WaterWorld has coverage.


Policy Watch

Steering NatCap Accounting to Clean Water Goals

As the United Nations and World Bank continue to promote their natural capital accounting systems, some are eyeing the concept as a way to help achieve Sustainable Development Goals related to global access to safe and affordable water supplies.

- A recent post at IIED explains how.


Project Development

Vancouver Aims to Top the Green Cities List in Four Years

Vancouver is aiming to become the world's greenest city by 2020 with its plan to recapture and clean 90% of its rainwater by scaling up its use of green infrastructure practices like rain gardens, constructed wetlands and permeable pavements.

- Learn more.

Atlanta Dreams Big and Green to Manage its Stormwater Runoff

The major metropolis of Atlanta is in the midst of developing a citywide green infrastructure plan, largely intending to use green best management practices to reduce its stormwater runoff by 225 million gallons annually.

- The East Atlanta Patch has coverage.

Smart Grey Infrastructure to Bring Back the Green

A natural infrastructure project in Indonesia is building permeable dams to stimulate the re-growth of mangrove forests along the country's degraded Demak coast, in the hopes of restoring biodiversity and minimizing erosion and coastal flooding. The project, which has a Dutch partner, recently won an engineering award in the Netherlands.  

- Read about it here.

Building Climate Resilience with Wave-Busting Ecosystems in Florida 

Research says South Florida's Miami-Dade county is more at risk from rising sea levels than anywhere else in the US, so county officials are teaming up with The Nature Conservancy and engineering firm CH2M to build resilience using the state's natural defenses, or ecosystems like marshes and mangroves.

- Learn more from the Miami Herald.

An Oasis of Water Conservation in a Dry Land

Through the use of water budgeting and conservation, and amid decisions to stop farming water intensive crops, a village in India's drought-stricken Maharashtra state is faring well under a dry and harsh climate.

- Learn more from the Times of India.


New Research

Contest Challenges Coders to think in Shades of Blue

This spring, the Source Water Collaborative is launching a contest for software developers, code writers and designers to create an online user-friendly library platform, where both water regulators and the public can share water-related information.

- Learn more from the SWC.

Job Postings

Forest Stewardship Council: Policy Manager, Ecosystem Services

Based in Bonn, Germany, this one-year position involves managing FSC’s projects in developing procedures, guidelines, and other supporting elements for the certification of ecosystem services. The successful candidate will have a degree in a relevant field (such as natural resource management or forest economics), at least five years of professional experience, and good time management skills. Fluency in Spanish or French would be an asset.

- Learn more here.

CDP: Account Manager, Forests Program

Based in London, the Account Manager will develop a project integrating CDP’s work on forests into their Supply Chain program. The role involves managing relationships with project partners as well as with companies working on deforestation and supply chain issues. The successful candidate will have at least two years’ of experience in project management, strong quantitative data analysis skills, and demonstrable experience in the drivers of deforestation, commodity supply chains, and sustainability.

- Learn more here.

South Pole Group: Senior Consultant, Sustainable Investments

Based in London, Stockholm, or Berlin, the Senior Consultant will plan, coordinate, and manage projects and consultancies related to sustainable investments, and liaison with clients. The successful candidate will have a degree in economics, finance, or a related discipline and at least five years of relevant work experience. Language skills in German, French, Spanish, and Scandanavian languages would be an advantage.

- Learn more here.

South Pole Group: Senior Consultant, Sustainability Supply Chain Risks

Based in London, Stockholm, or Berlin the senior consultant plan and manage consultancies addressing corporate sustainability and supply chain risk.  The successful candidate will have a degree in environmental sciences, environmental engineering, or agronomy and have 5 years of experience in project management and business development.

- Learn more here.

ETIFOR: Ecosystem Services Project Officer

Based in Padova, Italy, the Project officer will support the ECOSTAR Erasmus+ (European Research and Enterprise Alliance on Marketing and Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity) project, including relevant research, communication, and business development activities. The ideal candidate will have a PhD in forestry or environmental policy as well as specific educational background in market-based mechanisms for conserving ecosystem services, and at least one year of relevant work experience on this topic.

- Learn more here.



Ecosystem Marketplace is a project of Forest Trends, a tax-exempt corporation under Section 501(c)3. This newsletter and other dimensions of our voluntary carbon markets program are funded by a series of international development agencies, philanthropic foundations, and private sector organizations. For more information on donating to Ecosystem Marketplace, please contact info@ecosystemmarketplace.com. 


Ecosystem Marketplace is a project of Forest Trends, a tax-exempt corporation under Section 501(c)3. This newsletter and other dimensions of our voluntary carbon markets program are funded by a series of international development agencies, philanthropic foundations, and private sector organizations. For more information on donating to Ecosystem Marketplace, please contact info@ecosystemmarketplace.com. 

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