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For the United Nations biodiversity talks underway in Cancun, Mexico, it's all about mainstreaming. Biodiversity mainstreaming, the process of integrating conservation and the sustainable use of biodiversity into sectors - particularly the fisheries, forestry, tourism and agriculture sectors - is expected to permeate throughout the talks, touching key issues such as finance and business.

Biodiversity policy experts say mainstreaming will enable the finance and political will needed to meet global targets, goals the world is currently not on track to meet. Participants at this year's talks aim to take stock of this and determine the necessary approaches and methods to get countries on track.

 â€œCOP13 is a 'what actions do we need to take, how do we get things done and how do we get people motivated' type of COP,” says Rowan Braybrook, the Senior Manager for Sustainable Development Policy at Conservation International.

Maintaining the kind of momentum the adoption of both the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals last year brought is going to be difficult, experts say. But it's absolutely necessary in order to achieve global biodiversity targets.

An environmental markets analyst helped make the case for biodiversity conservation recently when he reminded regulating agencies, landowners and industries that a marketplace for ecological assets can offer lucrative financial benefits for rural America and the business world

In other news, a controversial biodiversity law in New South Wales, Australia passed the final legislative hurdles. And it looks like the US Fish and Wildlife Service is picking up the battle over the lesser prairie chicken's listing status once again.  

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Latest News

Biodiversity Convention Continues To Look To Mainstreaming To Halt Global Decline

For practitioners working in the biodiversity conservation space, the global biodiversity talks getting underway in Mexico will be one of implementation and for figuring out the tools and methods to save the world’s flora and fauna rather than for eye-catching political decisions and commitments. Participants agree that one method to save biodiversity, mainstreaming conservation, will dominate the talks.

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Post-Hurricane Matthew: How Can We Restore Waterways To Better Protect Communities?

The large floodplains and broad vegetated buffers of a stream restoration site near Raleigh, North Carolina significantly reduced flooding when Hurricane Matthew tore through the state. As the frequency of extreme weather events is only expected to rise, developing with nature in mind is increasingly critical, says Environmental Defense Fund’s Paxton Ramsdell.

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Bridging The Rural-Urban Divide With Collaborative Landscape Management Tools

Real social and economic dislocation led nearly half of US voters to reject the political establishment and elect Donald Trump as the nation’s next president despite racist and xenophobic rhetroic, says EcoAgriculture Partners’ Sara Scherr. Here, she reflects on what the results mean for those working in sustainable agriculture landscapes domestically and abroad.

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Stay The Course With Environmental Markets Benefitting Business And Rural Landowners

The 30 year old marketplace for ecological assets, recently valued at $100 billion, may be changing the face of real estate in the United States. A long-time market analyst says these changes fit perfectly with streamlined government programs catering to rural America, business and industry – constituencies poised to realize both revenue opportunities and higher property values derived from eco-assets.

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A Path Forward for Forests And The Planet

Over 100 nations identify forest conservation and restoration as part of their strategy to fight climate change, something Forest Trends’ founding President and CEO Michael Jenkins considers a major milestone. And as 2016 winds down, Jenkins reflects on the 17 year history of Forest Trends, the progress the organization has made and the work that it still intends to do.

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Florida Mangroves a Billion Dollar Fix for Climate Change

Researchers out of Florida International University found Everglades mangroves have been sucking up carbon to the tune of $2 - 3.4 billion. The authors stressed that their findings don't recommend putting a price on mangroves, but rather remind decision-makers that losing the mangroves will indeed be costly.

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Groundhog Day, with Prairie Chickens

Late last month, the US Fish and Wildlife Service says it has substantial information to warrant a Species Status Assessment for the lesser prairie chicken, which could mean the Service once again will consider listing the bird under the Endangered Species Act.

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SDGs Infiltrate the Boardroom

According to the findings of a recent survey of over 1,000 CEOs, most companies see opportunity in the Sustainable Development Goals and a framework on which to base their sustainability efforts. While these efforts are still in their early days, businesses are increasingly reporting SDGs-related progress and utilizing guidance documents, which lay out steps and tools to aid them on their journey to sustainability. 

Read the International Institute for Sustainable Development blog for more information.

Opportunity to Benefit Birds While Producing Rice

The US Natural Resources Conservation Service is accepting applications through December for its Conservation Stewardship Program. The program is directed at rice producers in California who voluntarily implement conservation measures that control water pollution and provide habitat for waterfowl.

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Biodiversity goes Mainstream

Scientists and biodiversity policy experts expect sobering reports of a coral die-off and massive declines in global flora and fauna will catalyze action at the United Nations biodiversity talks, happening this month in Mexico. Some participants are stressing the need to think broader on biodiversity policy, particularly on mainstreaming protection into agriculture and other sectors.  

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Biodiversity Law Passed in New South Wales

In November, the government of New South Wales, Australia approved its long-awaited but controversial biodiversity legislation package, pleasing farmers while upsetting some conservation groups. Environmentalists, including a biologist who resigned from the legislation review panel, say the law enables broad-scale clearing of native vegetation without offsetting.

The Guardian has more.


Pluses and Perils of Conservation Finance in Africa

A new study from the Institute for Sustainable Development and International Relations unpacked potential benefits and risks of innovative finance for biodiversity conservation in Africa by analyzing three case studies in South Africa, Côte d’Ivoire and Sierra Leone. Among the findings, researchers concluded that private funding is a complement rather than a substitute to public finance.

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High Standards needed to Save Biodiversity

Agricultural production compliant with sustainability standards has grown at 35% on average between 2008 and 2014. A new policy brief says voluntary sustainability standards such as the Rainforest Alliance and Fairtrade International include biodiversity criteria and can help policymakers meet their biodiversity goals.

Get more information on the International Institute for Sustainable Development's new report.



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