Nathaniel Carroll

Nathaniel is Associate Director of Forest Trends’ Ecosystem Marketplace.   He currently directs biodiversity and water activities and market-crosscutting projects, including the Ecosystem Services Matrix and MarketWatch, which help stakeholders understand the shape, relationship, and scope of ecosystem markets. Other projects include: annual “State of” reports, analytical briefs,,, and the book Conservation and Biodiversity Banking: A guide to setting up and running biodiversity credit trading systems. In addition to his work with the Ecosystem Marketplace, Nathaniel has consulted to several eco-asset investment groups.   Before joining Forest Trends, Nathaniel worked with a private forestry and real estate company in Panama, channeling private investment to restore degraded lands. Nathaniel spent two years with Conservation International’s Rapid Assessment Program and Conservation Tools Program. He has experience conducting ecological research from the Rocky Mountains to Andes, and from the Northwest Hawaiian Islands to the Penobscot Bay.   Nathaniel holds a Bachelor of Science from Tufts University and a Master’s in Forest Science from Yale University.