Sustainable Investing Associate – World Resources Institute (WRI)


The Associate II will lead development of a sustainable investment research agenda for WRI and partner with WRI’s CFO to implement the WRI endowment sustainable investment strategy.  While the position is a short-term position, the ambition is that the Associate will have created a robust strategy with an associated fundraising plan that would enable conversion to a full-time permanent position.
WRI’s Sustainable Finance Center works with public and private financing institutions, investors, governments, civil society, businesses, and project developers to increase the volume of capital flowing to sustainable activities in developing countries by redirecting investments away from unsustainable activities. To achieve this vision both public and private actors will need to leverage each other’s capital and competencies and, more importantly, find common ground that results in financial flows moving towards sustainable activities and away from environmentally and socially harmful activities. WRI’s Sustainable Finance Center (SFC) aims to:
Increase the volume of finance directed to sustainable activities in developing countries;
Shift existing public and private sector financial flows into developing countries—including flows intermediated by financing institutions and ministries—to more sustainable pathways;
Promote the integrity of financial flows—that is, ensuring finance is used cost effectively, maximizes environmental outcomes, avoids harm, and demonstrates transparency and accountability.
Strengthen stakeholders’ capacities on urgent climate finance issues.  

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