Senior Programs Manager

PUR Projet is looking for a high level professional for the position of Senior Programs Manager


The Senior Programs Manager has the following responsibilities:

Design, structure, and pilot large scale insetting programs developed for the clients (objectives, rollout  plans,  governance,  monitoring  framework,  reporting  tools,  deliverables).

Prepare the programs’ updates, evolutions, and additional proposals in view of major meetings and steering committees with clients.

Develop insetting proposals aligned with PUR Projet commercial strategy, to develop new programs with new or existing clients.

The  senior  programs  manager will  have  direct  management  responsibilities  over  several program managers for the programs she/he operates.

Coordinate with the other company’s teams – PUR  Development,  PUR  Lab,  Marketing  and Communication, Admin and Finance to achieve the programs’ expected results.

Contribute to  the  definition  and  implementation  of  the  company’s  strategy,  knowledge management taskforce, continuous improvement and business development (especially in UK, North America and South East Asia).

Report to PUR Projet steering committee on the achievements of the objectives.

The Senior Programs Manager  will  have  frequent  opportunities  to  travel  to  the  field projects, either in the framework of the insetting programs she/he manages or for specific supply chain assessments or program design missions.

Responsibilities are similar to the ones of an Associate Principal (@McKinsey) / Principal (@BCG), with direct relationship with the clients, responsibility  over resources, a high level  of  autonomy and continuous contributions to the company’s global overall strategy.


Graduated from top French engineering or business schools or top international universities.

5 to 10 year experience in consulting within leading management consulting firms, key account management, business or operations management in reputed companies and/or NGOs.

Strong desire to commit and dedicate his/her experience  and  energy  to  a  unique  socio environmental  business  experience, driven  by  a  strong  will to contribute to the integration of climate change risks into the world economy.

Attracted by SMB  /  start up  environment,  with  the  ambition  to  develop a fast growing international business – “intrapreneurship” spirit.

Dynamic, excellent business and relational skills.

Strong problem solving capabilities,  rigour  and  formalization. High self requirement level. Capacity to deliver high quality services to companies.

Professional fluency in  French  and  English – Spanish and/or an  Asian  language  (Mandarin, Bahasa, Indonesia,Thai) would be an asset.

Location: Paris

Medium to strong mobility: the program manager will travel for meetings with partners but also for regular field trips, either in the framework of the insetting programs she/he manages or for specific supply chain assessments or program design missions.

About the PUR Project

PUR Projet, founded in 2008 by Tristan Lecomte (HEC, Founder of Alter Eco, Ashoka fellow, Young Global Leader 2013) and managed by Pierric Jammes since 2010 (X02, Stanford, McKinsey), is a social business whose mission is to preserve and restore natural capital via the economy, empowering corporations and local communities. PUR Projet is specialized in the operation of large scale corporate insetting programs, accompanying companies to understand, assess and reduce their impacts and dependencies on natural capital, and to design, implement and monitor efficient insetting operations along their value chains, such as sustainable procurement strategies, sustainable sourcing initiatives and supply chains community ecosystems management projects. PUR Projet has significant background and track record on the operations of reforestation, agroforestry (managing agricultural outputs combining crop and timber/fruit trees planting), and forest conservation insetting field projects, empowering farmer organizations in the design, the implementation, the monitoring and the long-term sustainability of the ecosystems management activities.

PUR Projet manages a portfolio of 40 field projects around the world with diversified farmer groups.

Additional relevant information can be consulted on the following documents:

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Projects portfolio

PUR Projet is structured into two operational poles:

PUR Projet, based in Paris, London, Bangkok and Toronto, works with PUR Projet clients to define and manage their insetting programs. The different phases of an insetting program include: impact assessment and supply chain studies, program definition, program coordination in collaboration with client’s teams, definition of monitoring frameworks, communication on the projects activities and outcomes, and development of marketing or cofinancing strategies to involve final consumers or other partners. PUR Projet manages a portfolio of about 50 insetting programs with a team of 15 program operators.

PUR Development, based in Singapore, London, Paris, Bogota, Bangkok, Kunming, Chang Maï and Awasa implements on the ground projects and supply chain activities constitutive of the programs designed for PUR Projet’ clients. The project developers design and coordinate the projects’ activities in relationship with local teams integrated to the farmers’ organisations. PUR Development also runs the PUR Lab initiative, in charge of measuring and valuing all ecosystem, social and economic services provided by the projects. PUR Development manages a portfolio of 40 field projects across 5 continents with a team of 15 project coordinators, working with more than 100 field technicians.

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