REDD+ Fellow

Scaling up REDD+ financing in a post-Paris context is essential to achieving CI’s climate strategy. International expectations for REDD+ have not been matched with the financial resources required to successfully scale up REDD+ as a global solution to reduce deforestation rates and mitigate greenhouse gas emissions. This fellowship will allow CI to advance the state of REDD+ globally by catalyzing thought leadership on REDD+ in a post-Paris context.

With most of the technical requirements for REDD+ concluded at the UNFCCC level, unlocking the potential of REDD+ now requires more than science – it also requires consideration of fiscal policies and regulatory frameworks that will meaningfully scale up REDD+ beyond the project level to the national scale. Particularly, this fellowship will explore the means to generate additional resources for REDD+ and the feasibility of the results-based REDD+ model in a post-Paris context. The fellowship will focus on producing recommendations on more effectively allocating existing financial resources (GCF, etc), leveraging opportunities with the private sector, and embedding into emerging processes (Paris Agreement and NDCs, SDGs, new markets, etc).

The fellow will require:

Demonstrated skill in conceiving, leading, and communicating innovative analyses.
PhD or 5 years of field experience working on REDD+, and preferably with an economics background
Field experience, experience on REDD+
Strong multi-disciplinary skills in economics, finance, and policy with strong knowledge of REDD+
Experience working in multicultural settings
Ability to work with diverse stakeholders
Strong presentation skills, and media experience
Knowledge of ongoing adaptation policy discussions
Demonstrated ability to conceive and lead innovative studies, publishing results in high quality scientific and policy papers
Language skills (Spanish, French, Portuguese or Bahasa) are desirable

Specific Duties Associated with the Position:

Develop research project
Implement research project
Work both independently and as part of a team
Interact and collaborate closely with MCS, Policy Center, and CFD colleagues, the Climate Strategy Team, as well as colleagues from throughout CI
Contribute to funding proposals as needed
Generate research report documents including peer-reviewed papers
Participate in the Climate Change Core Team
Present research progress and findings to both internal and external audiences
Participate in all Fellowship cohort activities
Travel Associated with the Position:

1-2 CI field programs or international symposia/meetings as part of the research or field work required
Fellowship cohort events, including CI training events and CI Board meetings
At the successful completion of the 2-year Fellowship, the Fellow will have:

Developed concrete research products (papers to be published in journals, editorials, presentations, etc) to address the multi-disciplinary dimensions of REDD+ applying specialized expertise on economics in a post-Paris context with the aim of enhancing REDD+ implementation and financing.

The scope of research and work will be developed collaboratively with the fellow and CI’s cross-divisional Climate Team. The specific deliverables may include, but are not limited to:

Leading analysis on the landscape of emerging carbon market systems around the globe to identify opportunities for the inclusion of REDD+ and other nature-based solutions under market-based and multi-lateral mechanisms (such as those emerging from the Paris Agreement, GCF, etc).
Contributing to thought leadership on the opportunities for REDD+ to support ambitious mitigation efforts through market-based approaches and needed reforms to make this a reality.
Providing analysis and recommendations on implementing jurisdictional REDD+ and nested projects, as well as the contributions of REDD+ to sustainable development priorities at the country-level.
Conducting research, developing publications, and developing communications plans to reach countries on alternative ways for structuring their REDD+ programs to better incentivize private sector investment.
Identify opportunities for international cooperation/advocates best practices, increased policy dialogue and provides technical expertise at international/intergovernmental meetings on behalf of CI.
Communicate and build capacity broadly within CI to enhance understanding of the nature of, and potential solutions for, mitigating carbon emissions through REDD+.
Explore in depth the top 3-5 promising options for scaling REDD+, with one option articulated in detail as a final output at the end of the 2-year fellowship.

Contribute to CI policy briefs related to strengthening evidence on REDD+, as needed.

Candidates must submit the following materials:


Two reference letters from either a department head or other colleague officially referring the candidate and describing his or her qualifications, initiative, and research;
The candidate’s curriculum vitae (including a list of the candidates scientific publications;
Two representative articles by the candidate (optional);
A brief (one-page) statement by the candidate describing his or her significant scientific work and reason for applying to be a Fellow.

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