Project Manager, Supply Chain

EDF’s Supply Chain team is focused on making everyday products safer and healthier, by improving the way they are designed, produced, distributed, and consumed. The Project Manager will play a critical role in the development, execution, and replication of our forest and agriculture work.  Under the supervision of the Senior Manager on the Corporate Partnerships team, based in Bentonville, this position will use business, financial, policy and technical experience and knowledge to independently guide and manage key work streams.  The incumbent will develop recommendations and action steps using advanced knowledge gleaned from previous experience, key stakeholders, and EDF staff. Project outcomes must be practically and technically sound from a business and operational perspective, and yet aggressively address environmental concerns.

Key Responsibilities

  • Manage EDF’s work advising Walmart on their development of an action plan to reach its 2020 deforestation commitments, including an implementation and measurement plan
  • Lead meetings and workshops with other private sector companies to support EDF’s Global Climate efforts and achieve our deforestation-free supply chain programmatic goals
  • Create demand within the private sector for jurisdictional/territorial approaches to sourcing deforestation-free commodities, particularly in Brazil
  • Work with multi-stakeholder organizations such as The Sustainability Consortium to measure and track progress on deforestation, drive demand for zero deforestation products, and ensure progress on EDF’s sustainable agriculture goals
  • Manage agriculture-related project work to support EDF’s Sustainable Sourcing Initiative, including EDF’s participation in multi-stakeholder efforts, leveraging the supply chain to accomplish EDF’s programmatic goals
  • Communicate various project goals and results to EDF staff, companies, policymakers, companies, environmental groups, the media and the public through reports, interviews, presentations, and other methods
  • Play an integral role in other activities including fundraising, evaluating and recommending new project ideas; disseminating and communicating project results; and being a team player in the development of a vibrant and entrepreneurial Supply Chain program
  • Serve as our liaison and coordinate EDF’s efforts with key external stakeholders including The Sustainability Consortium and other NGOs
  • Develop and manage relationships, subject matter experts, and relevant academic/research communities to generate actions related to project
  • Work in close collaboration with EDF’s experts in global climate and ecosystems


Based in Bentonville, AR, Washington, D.C. Boston, MA or San Francisco, CA.

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