Program Associate, American Carbon Registry


In December 2012, ACR was approved by the California Air Resources Board as an Offset Project Registry (OPR) and Early Action Offset Program (EAOP) for the California cap-and-trade market. The process of answering client questions, project listing, overseeing verification, and issuance of credits to California compliance and early action projects has become a dominant component of our registry activities, even while significant activity continues in voluntary methodologies and project registration. ACR prides itself on providing technical knowledge and responsive customer service to all our clients.
The Program Associate is a mid-level technical role within the American Carbon Registry (ACR), providing support to Senior ACR staff and other ACR team members on all aspects of registry management, including, but not limited to reviewing project listing applications, data reporting and verification documents; formulating responses to technical questions raised by project developers and verification bodies; supporting business development and outreach activities; and helping to coordinate the development and/or approval of new GHG emissions reduction quantification methodologies.
Review documents for listing, verification and registration of California compliance projects.
Review documents for listing, certification and registration under the ACR voluntary offset program in a variety of sectors, with emphasis on land based offset project types.
Develop technical analyses, presentations, outreach materials, and reports to support the work of Senior ACR staff.
Track and understand technical guidance from the Air Resources Board related to the approved Compliance Offset Protocols and the Cap and Trade t types as needed.Regulation affecting Registry processes.
Provide support to the new methodology development and approval process, including review, technical support, assisting with identifying and coordinating scientific peer reviewers, setting up meetings, and providing meeting notes.
Represent ACR at various meetings with clients, regulatory agencies and others organizations.
Provide assistance and background information for responses to general new business inquiries
Education: Bachelor or advanced degree in Environmental Science, Physical Sciences, Natural Sciences, Forestry, Agriculture, Engineering, or related field.
At least 2 years of experience working with projects in the carbon or other environmental markets;
Familiarity with fundamental greenhouse gas (GHG) accounting principles, including verification and auditing standards and procedures of GHG quantification and reporting.
Completion of ARB training and passing the exam for one or more of the Compliance Offset Protocols and for Offset Verification is preferred.
Skills / Knowledge:        
Understanding of GHG accounting approaches.
Strong technical, analytical and statistical skills.
Ability to work independently for timely completion of quality deliverables.
Demonstrated skills in project planning and budgeting with ability to manage work flow effectively, to track and meet deadlines for multiple tasks.
Excellent interpersonal skills, impeccable integrity and trustworthiness, sense of humor, and diplomatic approach to problem solving
Ability to consistently interact with others in a professional, courteous, and tactful manner, maintain a positive attitude and good working relationships, and work effectively in a team setting
Strong speaking, presentation and written communication skills
Fluency in spoken and written English is required. Fluency in one or more additional languages is an asset

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