Manager, Forest Transparency Initiative

The World Resources Institute (WRI) seeks a Manager to lead its Forest Transparency Initiative (FTI) activities in Central Africa, Europe and the United States.

Led by the World Resources Institute, FTI aims to curb deforestation/forest degradation and incentivize the production of sustainable, legal timber by increasing access to comprehensive information about forest management and harvesting, and by improving the effectiveness of regulations targeting illegal logging. FTI works closely with private, public and civil society actors in the forest sector toward the following targets:

  • Vastly increase the transparency of timber operations by providing detailed information about the legal obligations of operators, and by working with these operators to provide the relevant documents showing compliance with these obligations
  • Incentivize improved social and environmental stewardship within and around forest concessions by creating direct links between the legal, social and environmental practices of logging companies on the ground, and the market
  • Facilitate standardized monitoring and reporting on production forests by civil society, government and private sector


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