Lead Author and Coordinator for the Gold Standard Methodology to Quantify and Monitor Gender Impacts

The Gold Standard is developing a new, holistic version – Gold Standard 3.0 – that integrates our principles of safeguards, transparency, and stakeholder engagement to ensure the same high level of assurance across a broad range of activities. This makes it possible for multiple outcomes—from reduced greenhouse gas emissions to improved health to gender equality—to be certified and monetised, creating a framework for results-based payments for outcomes that contribute to the SDGs.

Under the proposed programme, Gold Standard will develop and test a methodology for measuring activity level impact towards SDG 5 – Gender Equality. It is intended that the methodology be applicable to a wide range of activities though it will be initially tested for clean cooking activities. Activity specific guidance may be required. The proposed methodology will allow for the certification of gender impacts as certified outcomes for use in results-based finance. The exact characteristics and use of this certification will be determined alongside the methodology development process.

In context of the Gender methodology development, Gold Standard is seeking to hire an expert who will lead the coordination and drafting of the methodology and initial roll-out.

More details about the position are available here. Apply by May 23, 2016.