Land Coordinator

The Northern Andes and South Central America (NASCA) Lands Coordinator manages the Lands Strategy for Colombia, Peru and Ecuador in prioritized geographic areas. S/he is responsible for the overall, planning and implementation of a comprehensive lands strategy to advance the sustainable landscape strategies through direct actions, policies, business collaboration, private and public investment, communications and technology to achieve the transformational change required to remove the major drivers of biodiversity loss and effectively address the conservation challenges in the selected areas. S/he will work under the supervision of the Deputy Director of NASCA and in close coordination with NASCA´s Executive team (composed by NASCA´s Director, Operating Unit Director, Deputy Director, Science, Finance and Operations, Revenue, Legal, Human Resources, Marketing and Communications).


The NASCA Lands Coordinator designs and oversees the implementation of projects of the Lands Strategy of NASCA with the assistance of the NASCA Deputy Director and LAR’s staff and builds synergies with the science team. S/he will perform the duties specified below and provide technical assistance as required by the Program to meet its objectives. S/he will be responsible for ensuring that the projects comply with their obligations, with special attention to aspects of project management, including staff supervision, liaison between stakeholders, implementation of activities and reporting. S/he will lead the Lands Strategy of NASCA and be responsible for daily management of projects activities and delivery of the strategy´s impact and performance indicators. S/he will support and be guided by the NASCA Deputy Director and should work in close collaboration with the global and regional Lands teams in TNC. a.

The Lands Coordinator will support NASCA throughout the following essential functions:

  • Supervises and manages multi-disciplinary professional and administrative and staff working towards the achievement of the Lands Strategy impact and performance indicators in selected geographies in NASCA.
  • Supports NASCA executive team in developing key partnerships with public & private organizations to identify and resolve technical issues and to widely communicate solutions and best practices for the Lands Strategy.
  • Assumes direct responsibility for the achievement of the Lands Strategy impact and performance indicators
  • Manages the Lands Strategy budget in close collaboration with the Finance and Operator manager of NASCA
  • Supports NASCA in negotiating complex and innovative solutions with government agencies and private stakeholders to achieve the conservation objectives of the Lands Strategy in NASCA
  • Promotes, establishes and maintains links with other national projects and international programs to achieve the conservation objectives of the Lands Strategy in NASCA



Strategic Planning

  • Prepares the annual strategy planning with the NASCA Lands Strategy team and updates annual work plans and budgets.
  • Structures key impact and key performance indicators for Lands Strategy in close collaboration with the science team and the Deputy Director of NASCA. Provides input for the Lands Regional and Global Units related strategies. Ensures alignment of NASCA Lands Strategy indicators with LAR and LACC key indicators.
  • Structure the revenue plan and revenue strategy for Lands Strategy in close collaboration with the Deputy Director and the Finance and Operations and Revenue teams of NASCA
  • Ensures coherence and alignment amongst projects and the Lands Strategy key indicators during project design and implementation for this strategy.
  • Builds synergies between the Lands Strategy and other conservation strategies in NASCA such as Freshwater and Infrastructure to ensure optimization of resources and conservation results.
  • Makes strategic use of global and regional capabilities at TNC to strengthen the Lands Program in NASCA


Financial Sustainability

  • Makes recommendations for modifications to the projects’ budgets and, where appropriate, submit proposals for budget revisions to the Finance and Operations and Deputy Director
  • Supports, as required, the NASCA revenue team in the fundraising strategy to secure financing for the NASCA Lands Strategy. This includes development of proposals.
  • Assume direct responsibility for managing the Lands Strategy budget by ensuring:
  • Project funds are disbursed properly;
  • Expenditure is in accordance with the work plans and donor agreements;
  • Annual budget, proposal budgets and financial reports are developed and worked in close coordination with the finance department
  • Work together with the Revenue Team in the implementation of the Revenue Strategy to ensure financial sustainability of the strategy;
  • Financial procedures/regulations are properly applied in the projects;


Lands Strategy Implementation

  • Ensures that all projects activities are carried out following the Lands Strategy´s indicators and budget for achieving the desired outputs.
  • Provides overall technical guidance and supervision of all projects’ activities.
  • Facilitate projects’ decisions amongst the Lands Strategy team members.
  • Monitor the progress of the projects carried out by experts, consultants, subcontractors and partners.
  • Promotes and maintains links with other national projects and national and international programs.
  • Coordinates and participates with the Deputy Director in monitoring and evaluation exercises and audits to evaluate the success and implementation of the Strategy and implements the necessary modifications to the strategy.
  • Ensure that the Land Strategy’s projects use best practices and experiences to achieve impact and performance indicators.
  • Organize workshops, consultations or meetings required for the design and implementation of the Lands Strategy in NASCA.



  • S/he will be responsible for performance management, training and career development of her team.
  • S/he will draft TORs for key inputs of the Lands Strategy and submit these to the Deputy Director for clearance and approval.
  • Organizes the recruitment of consultants, other agencies and experts for the projects, including preparation of TORs for all technical assistance needed and supervise their work.
  • With respect to co-implementing partners and external project implementing agencies/ sub-contractors:
  • Ensure that these agencies mobilize and deliver the outputs in accordance with their letters of agreement or contracts, and
  • Provide overall supervision and/or coordination of their work to ensure the production of the expected outputs in coordination with the Deputy Director.



  • Regularly reports to and keeps the NASCA´s Deputy Director up-to-date on progress and implementation issues of the Lands Strategy.
  • Organizes, prepares and submits reports at least once every quarter and annual reports, as required by TNC and donors.
  • Prepares and attend annual review meetings/reports.
  • Ensures that all information is available in a timely manner for the CP on CP’s activities within the SFSS, including activities of private and public sector that impact the projects.
  • Prepares Lands Strategy progress reports and organizes review meetings and evaluation missions, in coordination with the Deputy Director.
  • Ensures the timely submission of work plans, reports, outputs and other deliverables to NASCA management team for review and evaluation, as appropriate


Marketing and Communications

  • Supports the development of educational materials, promotional and marketing in relation to projects objectives, accomplishments and other topics relevant to the projects.




  • BA/BS degree in natural resources management, conservation, business, law or another related field of study and at least 7 years’ experience in land conservation, territorial management, rural development, sustainable agricultural practices, agroecological business or related field.
  • Experience working with a wide range of people, corporate executives and government officials.
  • Experience negotiating complex agreements.
  • Supervisory experience of at least 5 years with groups of more than 6 people.
  • Experience in developing and managing multiple projects and timelines.
  • Experience working with computers, including database management.
  • Strong analytical skills,
  • Strong oral and written communication skills
  • Strong team building skills




  • University degree in environmental sciences, natural resource management, agricultural development or related fields.
  • Preferably post-graduate degree
  • Familiarity with donor funded development projects is an asset.
  • Substantial experience in leading teams.
  • Excellent working level of English language in listening, writing and speaking.
  • Knowledge of current trends and strategies in conservation and land protection.
  • Knowledge of land management conservation practices and conservation science.
  • Ability to explain conservation practices to technical and non-technical audiences



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