Executive Director

The Conservation Finance Alliance (CFA) is a collaborative network, set up to help address the challenges of sustainable financing for biodiversity conservation. Founded in February 2002, the CFA is a unique collaborative and global network dedicated to the promotion of quality, performance and innovation in this field. Its stated mission is “to promote sustainable financing for biodiversity conservation worldwide.” To accomplish this, the CFA facilitates collaboration among organizations involved in the promotion and the implementation of solutions and tools to optimize capabilities for funding conservation in developing countries.

The CFA is looking for an experienced Executive Director (ED) to drive, with members, the transition of the organization and the setup of the new Secretariat; develop its membership base, partnerships, reinforce networking activities, develop fundraising options and financial sustainability; implement the set of innovative and structural activities of the newly approved project; and lead the positioning of the CFA as the port-of-call for Conservation Finance globally.

Based within WCS, which will provide hosting and some overall support, you will head the Secretariat of the CFA with, initially, one assistant (to be recruited). The CFA will have a lean operation as it launches its activities under the three-year funding program that has been developed by the Executive Committee and CFA members. However there is significant scope for growth and expansion over the next few years as the CFA develops and the Executive Director will lead this growth, developing new funding opportunities and areas of programmatic focus. As the program grows and more resources are secured, the CFA staff and scope will expand.

Location: Washington DC preferred

Deadline: November 15, 2017

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