Domestic Offsets Integrity Committee Chair and Possible Member position – DOIC

The DOIC is an independent expert statutory committee supporting the environmental  integrity of carbon offsets generated under the Carbon Credit (Carbon Farming  Initiative) Act 2011 through the Carbon Farming Initiative (CFI) scheme.  The role of the  DOIC is to assess methodologies proposed for use under the CFI scheme and advise the  Minister for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency, who decides whether to makeproposed methodologies into legal instruments as determinations.  The DOIC also  provides advice to the Minister on regulations specifying eligible activities under the  CFI that are not common practice, known as the Positive List.
The DOIC is supported by technical experts to undertake methodology assessments for  the DOIC’s consideration, and a Secretariat to provide administrative support, through  the Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency.  
The DOIC comprises an executive board of up to six members, including the Chair, with  scientific or other highly relevant backgrounds.  The members apply strong analysis  and judgement to the evaluation of proposed carbon offsets methodology  assessments undertaken by technical experts.
Carbon Farming Initiative

The CFI scheme allows farmers, forest growers and land users/managers to earn  Carbon Credits through carbon offset projects to:
  • increase the amount of carbon stored in soil or trees.  For example by growing  a forest or reducing tillage on a farm in a way that increases soil carbon; or
  • reduce or avoid emissions.  For example through the capture and destruction of  methane emissions from landfill or livestock manure.  

DOIC Chair Position Description:
Primary Objectives:  
  • Undertakes all duties outlined in the Primary Objectives for DOIC members.
  • Effectively chair meetings and teleconferences of the DOIC to:  
    • guide members to a decision on matters related to DOIC business;
    • ensure the timely completion of DOIC business; and
    •  clearly outline decisions of the DOIC with supporting rationale.  
  •  Liaise with the DOIC Secretariat to ensure the smooth operation of the DOIC  and to finalise relevant correspondence/recommendations.  
Selection Criteria:
  • Demonstrated experience in chairing high level committees and boards.  
  • High level standing and professional expertise in a relevant field.
  • Strong analytical and critical thinking skills and capacity to understand the  technical detail of greenhouse gas estimation for the land sector.
  • Strong people management skills.
  • Strong judgement, intelligence and common sense.
  • Experience in working collaboratively with others.
  • Demonstrated ability to achieve results within the operational context.
  • Demonstrated ability to communicate with influence – to communicate clearly,  listen and understand.
  • Demonstrated high standard of professionalism, probity and personal integrity.
  • DOIC Member Position Description

Primary Objectives:

  • Undertake high level assessments of proposed methodologies in accordance  with the requirements outlined in the Carbon Credits (Carbon Farming  Initiative) Act 2011.
  • Utilise professional expertise in undertaking assessments of proposed  methodologies.
  • Provide advice to the Minister for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency on the  eligibility of activities proposed for inclusion on the Positive List.
  • Provide response to requests for advice from the Minister for the Department  of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency, or other relevant government  agencies.
  • Prepare for and participate in monthly DOIC meetings and teleconferences.

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