Consultant, Makira REDD+ Project

The Government of Madagascar (“GOM”) and the Wildlife Conservation Society (“WCS”) have collaborated since 2003 on a program to manage the Makira forest in northeast Madagascar to conserve its biodiversity and assure the sustainable use of its natural resources. The Makira forest was designated officially as IUCN Category II Natural Park in 2012 and the GOM, acting through its Ministry of Environment, Ecology, and Forests (“MEEF”), has designated WCS as the manager of the Makira Natural Park.

The Makira Carbon Project is a key part of the joint approach of WCS and the GOM with sales of verified carbon units (VCUs) generated through avoided deforestation in Makira Natural Park intended to be used both to finance protected area management and to support the development and improved well-being of the livelihoods of local communities living around the park who are the main drivers of deforestation.

The Project has achieved VCS validation and verification (2005-2013) and CCB Gold Level Gold level approval for exceptional climate change adaptation and biodiversity benefits. []

WCS is seeking a qualified consultant who can lead the development and validation of a renewed baseline for the Makira Project and its first verification. This consultant will also work closely with the WCS Madagascar Director to leverage a critical and time-sensitive opportunity to engage with government, institutional and civil society stakeholders in a developing jurisdictional REDD+ program that will have a material impact on the Project.

The main objectives of this consultancy are:

1) Successful completion of baseline renewal and verification of the Makira Project

2) Successful alignment of the Project with the developing jurisdictional REDD+ program (under the Carbon Fund/Forest Carbon Partnership Facility)


Roles and responsibilities

• Lead on development and validation of a renewed baseline for the Makira Project and first verification under the new baseline o Assess technical requirements for Makira project renewal under


o Assess possibility, feasibility and desirability of harmonizing baseline renewal methodology with the FCPF methodological framework

o Develop and manage detailed workplan to meet these requirements o Develop Terms of Reference and oversee consultants engaged to carry out activities as part of workplan

o Implement biomass plot re-measurements or establish new plots as needed.

o Train staff in field data collection methods, QA/QC of data collected o Oversee technical inputs for baseline renewal o Coordinate ground truthing as needed

o Coordinate with government authorities and other stakeholders as required in close collaboration with WCS country program staff

o Facilitate socio-economic data collection and communication and outreach activities required under CCBA

o Review and update monitoring methods and plans

o Produce all documents required by VCS and CCBA for project renewal and verification (e.g. updated Risk Report, updated Project Document,

Monitoring and Implementation Report) o Manage validation of project renewal and first verification under new baseline

• Undertake all necessary tasks to inform the development of the World Bank/Carbon Fund jurisdictional program as they relate to the Makira landscape, including close coordination with relevant stakeholders, participating in meetings, providing written inputs to consultations, commissioning/writing of white papers and reports and participation in negotiations with Government of Madagascar representatives for the conditions by which Makira is included in the jurisdictional program

• Support the ongoing REDD+ project relating to deforestation monitoring and reporting including training of selected local staff in technical aspects of the verification process so that they can lead future verification and baseline development exercises

• Participation in discussions and contribution to development of documents (financing proposals, presentations etc.) related to other carbon finance related fundraising opportunities in the Makira landscape

• Contribute to WCS global engagement on jurisdictional and nested REDD+



• Updated baseline compliant to methodology requirements

• Renewed Project Document

• VCS and CCB Monitoring and Implementation Report

• Updated Risk Report

• Additional supporting documents as required

• Completed validation and verification

• Inputs to consultation process on Madagascar jurisdictional REDD+ program as needed, including white papers and reports



• Postgraduate qualification in ecology, biology, geography and/or a related discipline

• Strong background in REDD+, including carbon accounting, and project/program design, validation and verification

• Specific knowledge of jurisdictional REDD+ approaches

• Ability to manage inputs from a team of technical consultants and specialists

• Good report writing and presentation skills

• Good judgment and ability to work under pressure

• Fluency in written and spoken French and English is essential.

• Excellent analytical, organizational, negotiation and communications skills, particularly in cross-cultural situations

• Integrity and ability to work in a sensitive manner when dealing with controversial or confidential information.

• Experience in a developing country context essential and experience in Madagascar is desirable but not essential.

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