Carbon Finance Officer, Inter-American Development Bank

The Sustainable Energy and Climate Change Unit of IDB supports IDB efforts in promoting  sustainable energy and activities addressing climate change in the Latin American region. The  Unit provides both technical cooperation support as well as financial support through various  activities: design of financing of climate change adaptation and mitigation projects, including  enhancement of use of carbon markets, guarantees, debt and equity products; analytical advisory  support services; project preparation support; risk management instruments; mainstreaming  climate change across its portfolio, and capacity building.
Emissions from land-use change constitute over 46% of the overall GHG emissions of the Latin  America and Caribbean (LAC) region, this makes emissions mitigation in the Agriculture,  Forestry, and Other Land Use (AFOLU) sector a priority in the region. One of the main aims of  the Unit is to support LAC countries in developing and implementing national climate change  mitigation policies, planning and initiatives. It is internationally recognized that national efforts of  countries to mitigate climate change will have to be significantly scaled up and that for this  investment and financial flows plans and the capacity of developing countries will need to be  enhanced to shift development paths to a lower GHG emissions and climate resilient economy to  achieve sustainable development.
Carbon finance is already playing an important role in stimulating shifts in investment and  finance in key economic sectors towards climate friendly activities. International negotiations on  climate change and a number of recent initiatives have been promoting financing mechanisms for  the reduction of deforestation and land degradation (REDD) and other mitigation options in the  AFOLU sector such as sustainable forestry and agriculture management (REDD+). Latin  America has a large potential for mitigation particularly in the AFOLU sector. Although the  region has been very active in the carbon markets, its participation in it is relatively small  compared to regions such as Asia.
In order to effectively participate and benefit from opportunities from this changing, new and  complex process, public and private sector in developing countries will require increased capacity  development and support. The IDB is committed in supporting mitigation actions and the  expansion of carbon markets for AFOLU in the Latin America and Caribbean region and in its  operations and is planning to enhance its carbon finance team in INE/ECC for this purpose.
INE/ECC is expanding its programme of technical support in carbon finance and climate change  mitigation to private and public clients of the bank, in particular to promote access to carbon  finance to support AFOLU activities. A Carbon Finance Officer with particular expertise on  forestry is required to manage many activities related to this enhanced support. In addition to  technical skills, it will be critical that the officer has good understanding of mitigation policy  related issues and project management tools, including capacity in assisting in design and  approval of technical cooperation with countries.
In keeping with the principles and the objectives set for the Program, the staff will support the  INE/ECC Climate Change Specialist in the following actions, but will not be limited to:
  • Take actions and designing initiatives that will contribute to the mainstreaming of carbon  finance for AFOLU activities within national/sectoral policy and planning processes,  integrating lessons learned from the best and most recent, experiences in the field;
  • Collaborate in the formulation of the IDB strategy on carbon finance for AFOLU jointly with  INE/ECC staff;
  • Contribute to the identification and preparation of projects that mitigate GHG from AFOLU  for Bank financing;
  • Design, manage, execute and supervise technical co-operations related to carbon credits for  AFOLU with resources from the SECCI Multi-donor Fund as well as other types of funds  from the Bank.
  • Strengthen linkages between the Bank’s related work and the initiatives of other MDBs  aimed to develop a global carbon finance investment framework for AFOLU (such as for  REDD and REDD+ activities) to assist LAC countries in preparing for their future  participation in the international carbon markets.
  • Take action to identify and develop near-term opportunities to incorporate carbon finance for  AFOLU in the Bank’s projects and activities.
  • Support the preparation of individual Project Idea Notes (PINs), batches of PINs, Project  Design Documents and monitoring protocols to take carbon finance components into account  in the Bank’s existing and proposed projects.
  • Starting date and duration: The TFA will be contracted for a period of one (1) year, from  March 2011 until February 2011. Depending on performance, needs and available budget, the  contract could be renewed.
  • Place of work: Washington,
  • Qualifications: The person must have:
    • University and Post graduate degrees in economics, engineering, environmental or  physical sciences or a related discipline.
    • At least five years relevant working experience with mitigation of climate change in  AFOLU sector, of which one year should have been in an international environment.
    • Excellent knowledge and relevant work experience in project development and  management.
    • Excellent knowledge and work experience with inventories of GHG emissions and with  carbon finance (including CDM and voluntary mechanisms) for AFOLU in the region.
    • Excellent knowledge and work experience on climate change negotiations and financial  mechanisms and instruments developed under the Climate Change Convention for  AFOLU.
    • Excellent drafting ability and communication skills, both written and oral; proven ability  to communicate complex concepts and prepare reports that are clear, concise and  meaningful.
    • Ability to apply theory to the specific policy context to identify creative, practical  approaches to overcome challenging situations.
    • Good written communication skills, with analytic capacity and ability to synthesize  project outputs and relevant findings for the preparation of quality project reports. .
    • Good team player, self starter, has ability to work under minimum supervision and  maintain good relationships.
    • Fluency in English and Spanish. Working knowledge of other IADB languages highly  desirable.
  • Schedule of Payment: The consultant will be paid on a bi-weekly basis. Payment will be  based on amount of months worked.
Overall responsibility for the supervision of the consultant’s work and the approval of payments  would be taken by Maria Netto, Climate Change Specialist ( – Ext. 2009) from  the Sustainable Energy and Climate Change Unit (ECC) of the Infrastructure and Environment  Department (INE) of IDB.