The 2010 National Environmental Law Association of Australia National Conference

2010 is the International Year of Biodiversity and NELA will be holding its National Conference in Australia’s Capital.

This will be a unique opportunity to hear challenging presentations on the politics of preserving the world’s biodiversity for future generations.

The 2010 Conference will be held at the historic University House, the ceremonial heart of the Australian National University.   Opened in 1954 by His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh as the first building on the campus of the newly-formed Australian National University, University House was home to the research students and professors of the University at the time.   Set in tranquil gardens with heritage-listed architecture and decor, University House has a history rich in academic prestige and ceremony.

An exciting program has been developed featuring speakers from Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific.    The Hon Greg Hunt MP, Shadow Minister for Climate Action, Environment and Heritage and Dr Allan Hawke AC, head of the Government’s independent review of the EPBC Act will each be delivering a keynote address.

Opening the Conference will be the ACT Attorney-General and Minister for the Environment, Climate Change and Water, Simon Corbell MLA.  

The Conference will include sessions run by the  Environmental Law Rountable of Australia and New Zealand (ELRANZ) and Young NELA.  

Save the Future – Preserve Diversity: Biological Diversity as the Foundation for Development

“Save the Future – Preserve Diversity: Biological Diversity as the Foundation for Development“ – that is the title and the topic of a conference, to be held in Berlin on the 15th of September 2010.

The event is convened by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development and the Forum on Environment and Development ( It will be concluded by the Federal Minister, Dirk Niebel.

There will be three theme-lounges during the event where the economical aspects of biodiversity, access and benefit sharing and climate protection will be discussed. On behalf of the Federal Ministry, we would like to invite you to be a commentator in the first themelounge.

This session will mainly deal with the question: “How much is biodiversity worth to us?” and will present two examples from Vietnam and Ecuador. After the presentation, representatives from the political, civil and private sectors will draw on their own experiences and perspectives to address these examples.

The aim of the conference is to mobilise support for the biodiversity cause. Additionally, it should serve to improve political and public appreciation of development policy concerns regarding biodiversity, which are elemental in the fight against poverty. 200 to 250 decision makers and disseminators from the political, civil society and private sectors will be invited, as well as media representatives responsible for spreading the message to the public.

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6th Australia-New Zealand Climate Change & Business Conference

Organisers are currently working with stakeholders to put together a program for the 2010 event that realistically reflects the challenges being faced by business and provides insights to international developments, world’s best practice and the opportunities presented.

Based on feedback to-date, the program will focus on:

  • International policy developments, with a focus on the US and its direction, both domestically and internationally;
  • Implementation issues for business, looking not just at ETS but the range of other policies;
  • Adaptation, a priority response to climate change
  • Financing the transition to a low carbon economy, continuing the theme of the previous events.

A number of possible subject streams have also been identified, including Cleantech, building on the success of this stream in 2009, adaptation workshops, energy efficiency, water and transport.

The 2010 conference is expected to run for two days with a formal opening on the Tuesday night and the Conference Dinner on the Wednesday night. The event will again feature an Exhibition that will be themed around the conference program. We also expect to host a number of side trips to relevant buildings and projects.

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Carbon Markets, Forestry & REDD USA 2010

With the continued delay in US Carbon legislation causing prolonged uncertainty around the future of a compliance market in the US, we are receiving feedback from our customers that they are wary of committing resource to the US market.   With the subsequent stalling of US Carbon market development, the predominant positive movement has come in the area of forestry carbon offsets and this sector is moving forward with renewed vigor.

In light of these exceptional circumstances, the 2010 Carbon Markets USA and Forestry Carbon Markets & REDD conferences have been combined into a two day forum entitled Carbon Markets, Forestry & REDD USA which will take place on the 10th & 11th of June and will examine and debate the future of the carbon market in the United States, while paying particular attention to the immediate opportunities available in the forestry sector.

Carbon Markets, Forestry & REDD USA 2010 has assembled a faculty of industry-leading individuals to address the questions crucial to the forward progress of the carbon market in North America and beyond. Every link in the Carbon and Forestry value chain will be present for days of debate aimed at moving the market forward and realizing the potential of the forestry carbon markets in the USA and beyond.


Key reasons to attend

Gain an in depth understanding of the potential of the Carbon Markets in the United States:

  • Get updated on legislative activity affecting the carbon markets and the US energy agenda
  • Understand the policy & regulation affecting the forestry sector
  • Learn from insightful discussion on regional carbon programs
  • Develop risk mitigation strategies to ensure the success of your carbon and forestry carbon projects
  • Identify investment opportunities and the implications of the economic downturn and market uncertainty
  • Hear about emerging market opportunities such as forestry, agriculture and the voluntary carbon markets
  • Meet and do business face-to-face with every link in the US carbon and forestry market

Who will you meet?

  • Governmental representatives
  • Policy & advisory bodies
  • International project developers
  • Offset providers
  • Financiers & investors
  • Carbon traders & brokers
  • Renewable energy experts
  • Equipment & technology providers
  • Engineering consultants
  • Press
  • Academics & NGOs
  • Carbon markets associations
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Energy & Environment Week

A culture change on climate change is taking place in the United States. President Obama’s Recovery and Reinvestment Act includes more than US$60 billion in clean energy investments. The Energy and Environment Week (EEW) International Conference + Expo focuses on four key areas that will benefit from the new direction in American energy policy:

  1. bioenergy with biomass heat & power and biogas
  2. energy from waste & secondary raw materials recovery
  3. alternative vehicle fuels including biofuels, hydrogen & electric mobility
  4. energy efficiency in industrial processes

With an expected attendance of more than 150 exhibitors and over 2,000 delegates, EEW 2010 will be the premier discussion forum and marketplace for this growth sector. If this business is Your business You need to be there!

Join us for a week full of exciting events: discussions with opinion leaders, interactive workshops, innovative product displays, live demonstrations, site tours, and lots of networking opportunities.

Click here for the 2010 Schedule of Events


Ecosystem-based Management

Ecosystem-based Management: Insights into the Economic and Ecological Gains from Taking a More Holistic Approach to Management is an RFF Academic Seminar

James Sanchirico
UC Davis
RFF University Fellow

Thursday, March 25, 2010
2 – 3:30  p.m.

7th Floor Conference Center
1616 P St. NW
Washington, D.C. 20036

Attendance is open, but involves pre-registration no later than two days prior to the event. For questions and to register to an event, please contact Juha Siikamí¤ki at (tel. 202-328-5157) or Will Isaac at (tel. 202-328-5088). Updates to academic seminars schedule will be posted here.


Ecosystem Markets – Making Them Work

Join market designers, regulators, buyers, sellers, investors, NGOs, resource professionals, and other service providers in addressing these and other emerging issues.
Topics will include:
• The role of ecosystem markets
• The state of market development
• The business opportunity
• The international perspective
• Policy issues in market design
• Making regulatory markets work
• Progress in developing market tools
• Moving forward with voluntary markets
• Case studies of actual projects, transactions & lessons learned

Featured Speaker: Sally Collins, Director, USDA Office of Ecosystem Services & Markets
Earn up to 10.5 CFE Credits — Oregon CLE Credits Applied For

Why Attend
– Gain an up-to-date perspective on the status and trajectory of ecosystem markets.
– Learn what it takes to design effective projects and transactions.
– Meet and network with leading experts, colleagues, potential partners, and customers.
– Participate at the forefront of the ecosystem markets movement!

Who Should Attend

* Forest & farm owners & managers
* Property developers
* Industrial facility managers
* Wastewater & water district managers
* Federal land managers
* Local planners & regulators
* Environmental service providers
* Natural resource agencies
* Consultants, engineers, lawyers
* Financiers & Investors
* Ecosystem researchers
* Public interest groups

Clean Energy Investments Forum 2009

Attend this interactive conference to assess the risks and opportunities in renewable energy, energy efficiency and clean coal investments. Explore the drivers and barriers to market growth, innovative strategies for investing in clean energy, and tools for managing risk and sourcing capital in the current tough economy.


• Three keynote addresses from:

Michael Eckhart, President, ACORE
Lawrence E Starfield, Acting Regional Administrator, EPA
Cris Eugster, Chief Officer for Sustainable Growth, Office of the Mayor of Houston

• Highly interactive format – packed with interactive panel sessions on the latest developments in:

√ Biomass and biofuels
√ Wind

√ Energy efficiency

√ Clean coal

√ Solar
√ Geothermal

√ Financing and risk management strategies

• 25+ top-level speakers – benefit from their first-hand experience and discuss with them the latest developments in the clean energy markets

• Superb networking opportunities – meet a unique cross-section of key industry players and build profitable partnerships with them

This is a must-attend conference for:
• Investors & fund managers: private equity; VC; hedge funds
• Investment banks & brokers • Clean energy project developers & financiers
• Manufacturers • Utilities & energy companies
• Corporations seeking to reduce their emissions
• Environmental think tanks, consultants & advisory firms
• Government & regulatory bodies • "Green"/ethical investors
• Industry associations & investor coalitions
• Insurance companies • Law firms • Exchanges & indices • Technology providers

Bioenergy North America 2009

This comprehensive event, with its energy and climate change policy-oriented program, will examine the new Administration’s view on bioenergy and how the new regulations affect bioenergy in the context of other clean energy technologies.

It will cover:

√ First-generation biofuels

√ Next-generation biofuels

√ Biomass for heat and power production

√ Financial instruments in bioenergy

√ Bioenergy projects in light of climate change and clean energy

√ Alternative feedstocks

√ Bioenergy technology and infrastructure


• Keynote address – Recent developments in Federal and State regulations in clean energy and climate change from Howard A. Learner, President and Executive Director, Environmental Law and Policy Center

• Packed agenda – crammed with interactive panel sessions and roundtables

• Energy and climate change policy-oriented program

• Fresh approaches from industry experts – how to deal with unresolved problems and market uncertainties

• Superb networking opportunities – meet and do business with the key players and decision makers in the US bioenergy markets

Katoomba XIV

Tropical deforestation accounts for 20 percent of heat-trapping gas emissions worldwide. In Brazil alone, 70 percent of greenhouse gases emissions come from deforestation in the Amazon region. Forest-based carbon sequestration and REDD are gaining international attention, with Brazil on the center stage, to reduce global emissions necessary to avoid dangerous climate change. More broadly, ecosystem service payments in carbon, water and biodiversity are also becoming a key solution to ensuring the continued provision of nature's services through forests, aquatic systems, biodiversity, and carbon and nutrient cycles.

Join us to hear about the latest developments in carbon, water and biodiversity markets and discuss how they are being created and utilized to help solve some of our most critical environmental challenges.


* The latest initiatives to control deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon.
* Amazon governors' presentations on the Global Climate Summit
* Launching of Mato Grosso State Forum on Climate Change
* A discussion on REDD options for the Xingu Park
* The Brazilian Amazon Fund to control deforestation and the country's official position on REDD
* How water quality trading markets can contribute to the conservation in the Amazon
* The emergence of biodiversity markets and how they can be applied in Brazil
* How to bridge the gap between current challenges and future economic and environmental solutions
* Create an infrastructure fund for the planet that will invest in our vital natural services

Ecosystem Services: Marketing Environmental Services

Humankind impacts to the natural environment greatly influence our quality of life. New mechanisms such as ecosystem service markets are emerging as a pragmatic market-based option to manage growth and yet mitigate the environmental impacts of such growth in a cost-effective manner.

The first day will feature a series of speakers giving a broad, national level overview of ecosystem service market considerations and initiatives. The second day will feature a series of three panels: Carbon, Water Quality (nutrient trading), and Mitigation Banking. An interactive question and answer session will follow the panel presentations.

Industry, government, non-governmental organizations, academia, and landowners will all benefit from the information presented. Attending this conference will ensure a better understanding of how ecosystem service markets function and what opportunities exist for landowners.


The purpose of ACES 2008 is to provide a needed forum for sharing information on state-of-the-art methods, tools, and processes related to ecosystem services and their effective use in decisions. The interdisciplinary nature of ACES 2008 will facilitate interactive discussions and networking to create and build partnerships while sharing lessons learned from the field.

The Future of Carbon Markets

Taking place a few days prior to the meeting of the UN Conference of Parties at Poznan, this timely event will examine the challenges and opportunities ahead for the carbon market, and the factors that will shape the development of a post-2012 international framework for carbon. This will include an update and analysis of developments in the European Commission's review of the EU ETS, and the implications for key sector businesses in Phase III. Expert speakers will also investigate the drivers and risk factors for carbon prices, and the markets for EUAs, CERs, and ERUs.

Carbon Capture & Storage

A two day high level, indepth information rich congress will bring together key experts from the CCS global developments and showcase the opportunities and necessity for successful CO2 storage. Cost effective CCS is essential for the future viability and sustainability of the power generation industry

Corporate Climate Response

Topics to be covered include cutting absolute carbon emissions, the outlook for national carbon trading, supply chain efficiency, and water footprinting. Also to be covered is the role of clean technologies as part of carbon and resource management.

TMDL Development and Implementation: Current Progress and Future Direction

The national TMDL program continues to evolve as new policies, guidance, tools, and approaches are designed and implemented. Attendees to this one-day seminar will learn how recently issued policies and guidance from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency are being interpreted and implemented across the country, discuss examples of successful approaches to TMDL development, and share innovations that have led to improvements in TMDL implementation and effectiveness tracking. The seminar will provide attendees with in-depth information and examples on selected topics, including calculating daily loads and integrating them into TMDLs, innovative implementation approaches, tracking TMDL progress, and stormwater sources and TMDLs.

Capitalising on Natural Resources. New Dynamics in the Financial Markets

The management of natural resources presents societies and economies with an enormous long-term challenge. The 9th International Sustainability Leadership Symposium will address this challenge by specifically exploring the contribution of the financial services industry to both protecting and facilitating the provision of natural resources. Opportunities and risks of new and innovative financial products will be discussed.

Harvested Wood Products in the Context of Climate Change Policies

Objectives of the workshop are: to provide information on carbon storage and substitution effects of Harvested Wood Products (HWP); to present the core principles of HWP accounting and national experiences; to discuss opportunities and impacts of HWP accounting for different stakeholders.

Outcomes and conclusions of the workshop will be presented at several subsequent events (European Forestry Week, International Conference on the Role of Forests in Climate Management, and UNFCCC COP 14 in Poznan – Poland).

2008 Global Katoomba Meeting XII

The Global Katoomba meeting brings together leading policy makers, major financial institutions, business leaders, the environmental community and local indigenous groups to discuss the current scope and potential of ecosystem markets – carbon, water, biodiversity – to address environmental problems.

11th National Mitigation & Ecosystem Banking Conference

The only national conference that brings together key players in this industry, and offers quality hands-on sessions and important regulatory updates. Learn from & network with the nearly 400 attendees the conference draws, offering perspectives from bankers, regulators, and users. Participate in:

*Corps IRT (MBRT) Training Workshop

*Banking Primer Workshop

*Stream Banking Workshop

*Field trips

*Regulator, Banker & User Forums

*General sessions featuring key players in the industry

*Interactive sessions — banker, regulator and user perspectives

*Exhibits, Posters & Networking opportunities — receptions, luncheons, breakfasts & more!

Carbon Forum America: Carbon Market Trade Fair & Conference

CARBON FORUM AMERICA is set to become the leading trade show and conference program in North America serving international business, government and science communities in trading, monitoring, crediting and compliance of carbon emission.

Following the 4th successful run of the CARBON EXPO in COLOGNE as well as the Carbon Expo Asia in Beijing last fall, Koelnmesse and IETA are jointly developing CARBON FORUM AMERICA in San Francisco.

GreenPower Conferences – Carbon Markets Africa

International Carbon Markets experts will meet in Cape Town to address the challenges and opportunities of launching new carbon mitigation projects in Africa.

This international business networking event will bring together the worlds leading carbon consultants, brokers and financiers with African business. Africa has the potential to play a key role to in mitigating climate change and reducing greenhouse gases. Carbon Markets Africa will stimulate and bring new project developers and hosts to the forefront with the overall aim of increasing the size of the market.

Over 700 attendees have attended this series of events in the last two years.

Carbon Finance Europe 2007

This topical conference, the eighth in a highly successful series, will provide an invaluable update on all the major developments shaping the fast-moving markets in carbon credits and allowances.

Topics that will be covered include:

• Preparing for Phase II of the EU Emissions
Trading Scheme
• Voluntary vs mandatory carbon markets
• What buyers expect; what sellers want
• Where next for carbon prices?
• Improving the Clean Development Mechanism
• What’s happening in the US and Japan
• Outlook for the Kyoto regime beyond 2012
• Carbon finance and forestry

GreenPower Conferences – Next Generation Biofuel Markets

As competition between food and fuel threatens to become a pressing constraint on the current biofuel industry, the biofuels world is starting the transition to next generation biofuels. Emerging powerful market drivers and strong political influences are moving ethanol to the next stage and there is huge interest in the next generation of biofuels from the oil majors. Could this be the beginning of a new branch of industry that could grow bigger than the existing 1st generation fuel ethanol industry? Will cellulosic ethanol take off? How will this nascent industry emerge from the current demo phase to produce commercial-scale quantities of ethanol?

Learn from over 30 senior decision makers who are driving the development of next generation biofuels including: BP Biofuels, DuPoint, Imperium Renewables, Royal Nedalco, Novozymes, NREL, Iogen, Celunol, Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse, Emerald Technology Ventures, Firelake Capital Management, Ernst & Young, Green Biologics, Dyadic Bioscience Business, C3BioEnergy and BioMethanol Chemie Holding

This 2 day information-rich, networking conference will build upon the success of the next generation biofuels seminar held in Brussels this March, which attracted over 250 high level executives.

GreenPower Conferences – Carbonmarkets India

The inaugural Carbon Markets India conference is a two day business networking event, run together with the Confederation of Indian Industry, that will bring together the worlds leading carbon consultants, brokers and financiers with Indian business.

The event brings together the who's who of India's carbon markets including senior experts from Reliance Industries, Gujarat Flurochemicals, Oil and Natural Gas Corporation, GTZ, Emergent Ventures, Ernst & Young, Indian Sucrose, RuMeth International, Rabobank, Triveni Engineering and Industries, Vestas Wind Systems and TUV South Asia. A Project Developer/Host Subsidised Scheme is available to encourage some of the CII's 6300 major Indian businesses to attend the event and enter the Carbon Market by hosting GHG mitigation projects.

GreenPower Conferences – Corporate Climate Response

How can your company lower its carbon footprint?

* Learn from the experiences of over 15 leading corporations

* Practical tips on implementing your own carbon reduction strategy

* Latest national climate change policy updates from state and federal regulators

* Practical advice on Green Power and Recs, Carbon
Offsetting, Energy Efficiency, Climate Adaptation

9th Annual BIOECON Conference on Economics and Institutions for Biodiversity Conservation

This conference will have sessions examining institutional frameworks, the use of social capital and the management of knowledge for biodiversity conservation, as well as the economic analysis of policies for managing biodiversity in a context of high uncertainty. Papers are specifically invited on the themes of:
– Different institutional frameworks for conservation (property rights, contracts, markets, trust funds, public institutions, etc.)
– Role of informal rules such as social capital, trust and reputation in biodiversity conservation
– Efficient knowledge management for the sustainable use of biodiversity
– Foundations for providing for global public goods
– Development of international institutions for biodiversity conservation
– Institutions for payments for environmental services (and especially for international payments) and applied methodologies for valuation of ecosystem services (marine and terrestrial)

Rio + 15 Initiative

The Rio +15 Initiative aims at gathering a high
level group of stakeholders that can help to provide
an action plan for climate change mitigation for the
years to come. A high level, invitation only initiative to discuss the past and future of climate change policy, the Kyoto Protocol and the international carbon market.

2007 Clean Water Partnership Summit

The Summit is designed to foster partnerships between the EPA and private sector organizations. These partnerships will increase awareness of the synergistic research areas and technologies in the water sector that exist among the EPA and industry. This event will focus on innovation in water research and development in the areas of drinking water and wastewater, homeland security, sustainability and ecosystems.

The Summit promises to benefit:

* Research and development senior management.
* Venture capital leaders.
* Senior engineers and researchers.
* Technology acquisition managers.
* Business development professionals.
* University scientists.