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2021 Updates to the Content Structure of the Survey

After months of consultation with new and returning EM Carbon Survey Respondents and carbon market stakeholders, we are updating the structure and questions of the survey to reflect growing data needs and interests in the market.

  • Organizational Profile  – information related to the responding organization 
  • Transactions Data – covers questions pertaining to: 
    • Project attributes
    • Volumes and prices transacted 
    • NEW! Expanded buyer information 
    • NEW! Transaction deliveries 
    • NEW! Project Developer-specific data 
  • Insetting Data – questions related to insetting activities and the implementing organization. 
  • General Market Questions  asks relating to: 
    • NEW! Recent developments in the market (e.g. market prospects, Taskforce for Scaling Voluntary Carbon Markets, Article 6, Jurisdictional REDD+, and COVID-19)
    • NEW! Respondent organization history
    • NEW! Transaction dynamics
    • NEW! Demand-side behavior 

Note: these new survey sections enable us to rest on the pulse of the market, providing insight into pertinent questions such as: 

  • Should Corresponding Adjustments eventually apply to the VCM? 
  • What is your opinion of the Taskforce on Scaling Voluntary Carbon Markets’ Recommended Actions? 
  • How were your organization’s transactions impacted by COVID in 2020? 

Developer’s Notes:

In addition to a multitude of improved survey question formatting to enable more streamlined access and ease of responding, below are several of the new features of the soon to be launched online EM Global Carbon Survey: 

  • Password protected survey form 
  • Multiple respondents per organization now possible 
  • Save and return to the survey 
  • Embedded data to save time on the organizational background section 
  • Option to complete the survey via Excel or EM’s online platform 
  • Auto-fill option pulls transaction data when respondent provides project ID 
  • Ability to submit survey responses at flexible intervals 
  • Table of contents to easily navigate between survey sections 
  • Customized survey flow presents only questions relevant to the respondent