Environmental Grantmakers Association Funder Directory

The Environmental Grantmakers Association (EGA) works with members and partners to promote effective environmental philanthropy by sharing knowledge, fostering debate, cultivating leadership, facilitating collaboration, and catalyzing action. The Funders Directory is a complete list of EGA member foundations with current staff contacts.?

National Wetlands Newsletter

The National Wetlands Newsletter, published by the Environmental Law Institute, is written for those involved in regulation, litigation, land use planning, science, and conservation efforts. Regular columns provide recent developments from the courts, Congress, federal agencies, conferences, books and journal articles, web resources, and wetland issues in the news. Newsletter subscribers are also given access to National Wetland on the Web, providing updated coverage, links to supporting information and other reference materials.

Endangered Species & Wetlands Report

The Endangered Species & Wetlands Report covers US Congress and federal and district courts in regard to wetlands, the Endangered Species Act, and takings litigation. The Report also covers the Fish and Wildlife Service's listing and critical habitat decisions under the Endangered Species Act, and wetlands regulation by the US Army Corps of Engineers and the Environmental Protection Agency The website has links to recent Federal Register notices from the US Fish and Wildlife Service, National Marine Fisheries Service and other federal agencies.

CITY Green

CITYgreen is a powerful GIS application for land-use planning and policy-making. The software conducts complex statistical analyses of ecosystem services and creates easy-to-understand maps and reports. CITYgreen calculates dollar benefits based on your specific site conditions. CITYgreen analyzes: Stormwater Runoff, Air Quality, Summer Energy Savings, Carbon Storage and Avoidance, and Tree Growth.

Erler's LandSteward

Designed to help land conservation organizations store and access project and stewardship data for protected properties, Erler's LandSteward is a tool that will be used by those land trusts interested in making their stewardship documentation systems stronger.

Property Analysis Record

The Property Analysis Record (PAR) is a computerized database methodology that is extremely effective in helping land managers calculate the costs of land management for a specific project. The PAR helps analyze the characteristics and needs of the property from which management requirements are derived. It helps pinpoint management tasks and estimates their costs as well as the necessary administrative costs to provide the full cost of managing any property. The PAR generates a concise report which serves as a well-substantiated basis for long-term funding including endowments, special district fees, and other sources.

The Compleat Botanica

The Compleat Botanica allows wetland managers develop checklists using an indicator and classification fields, monitor biodiversity with a plant-based inventory and share data and results.