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The REDD Opportunities Scoping Exercise for Ghana
Michael Richards

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Country: Ghana
Date Published: 08/01/2010
Author: Michael Richards

The Ghana REDD Opportunities Scoping Exerceis was one of three ROSE country case studies conducted in 2009. It has provided the Katoomba Incubator with a solid basis for strategic engagement with REDD+ in Ghana, both at the project or sub-national level, and at the national or policy level. The ROSE study consisted of two main stages; a two-day key informant or expert workshop, and an analysis of legal and policy constraints by a small in-country team. This report focuses on the first part of the ROSE methodology, the expert workshop; a second Ghana ROSE report, entitled “REDD Opportunities Scoping Exercise: Implications of the Legal and Policy Framework for Tree and Forest Carbon in Ghana”, goes into greater depth on the legal and policy issues surrounding the development of REDD+ in Ghana