2016 Ecosystem Marketplace Advertising Rates

Contact Program Manager Cynthia Jensen (cjensen (at) or (+1) 202-446-1976 for more information or to initiate website or newsletter advertising.

Website Advertising on Homepage


  • $800: Tile ad (170px) with weblink for 1 month
  • $1,300: Tile ad (170px) with weblink for 2 months
  • $2,000: Tile ad (170px) with weblink for 3 months

*NGOs receive 20% discount; Longer advertising periods are prorated accordingly.

What your advertising supports: Ecosystem Marketplace is a unique ‘one-stop shop’ for information about how ecosystems are conserved – and who pays for them and why. At the core of our work is the Ecosystem Marketplace website,  the world’s only free service  that informs and educates companies, policymakers, researchers, community groups and individual landowners interested in knowing the answer to these questions.

Ecosystem Marketplace advertising is not your typical contribution. Here, every dollar goes to journalists developing original articles – often in the field, reporting directly from the front lines of ecosystem protection and finance.

The cost to produce and publish most articles is around $400-$800 apiece. That means that advertising with Ecosystem Marketplace for three months supports a journalist to produce five breaking news pieces, two in-depth articles – or a combination of the two.

Readership: averages >14,000 unique readers per month (170,000+ unique readers total in 2015). Our readers hail from all over the world but are most commonly based in the United States, India, the United Kingdom, the Philippines, Canada, Germany, Australia, Indonesia, France, and Brazil. A recent readership survey revealed that our readers are composed of journalists, students, ecosystem asset developers, landowners, private investors, policymakers, and indigenous and civil society representatives.


News Brief Advertising

(Example  here  – Kinship Conservation Fellows January 2016)


  • $250/news brief: Organization name and weblink listed as a “Supporting Subscriber” for one year
  • $1,500/news brief:  Tile ad (170px) with website link  included in News Brief for 3 months*

*NGOs receive a 20% discount; Most common advertising period is 3 months but rates for shorter/longer periods can be negotatiated

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What your sponsorship or advertising supports: Ecosystem Marketplace delivers synopses of the latest in carbon, biodiversity, water, and sustainable commodity finance to 11,000 readers every week. But this priceless market insight requires manpower and brainpower to publish free of charge. Like our original news coverage, News Briefs are exclusively supported by reader contributions.


  • The Carbon Chronicle | carbon markets news | ~7,000 subscribers
  • Mitigation Mail | biodiversity markets and wetlands banking news | ~3,000 subscribers
  • Water Logwatershed investment news | ~2,300 subscribers
  • Supply Change | sustainable commodities and no deforestation | ~1,000 subscribers

Contact Program Manager Cynthia Jensen (cjensen (at) or (+1) 202-446-1976 for more information or to initiate website or newsletter advertising.